Custom Form



The Custom Form Widget allows individuals to complete a Custom Form

  • Displays a Form. 
  • Fields are sorted by Field Order as defined on the Form Field records. 
  • Additional Fields may appear dependent on conditional logic


  • Instructions: Form's Instructions field
  • Contact Fields: Fields First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Mobile Phone will be displayed and required if Get Contact Info is set to "True" on the Form. This information will be used to match the Respondent to an existing Contact or Default Contact
  • Address Fields: Address fields will be displayed and required if Get Address Info is set to "True" on the Form. Fields will be pre-populated for authenticated Users if their address is known. Overwriting the pre-populated values will update the Form Response, but will not update the Address on record (this may be done via My Household). 
  • Form Fields: All Form Fields associated with this Form will be displayed unless hidden or dependent on another Field. 
  • Complete Form As: This drop-down allows an authenticated user to choose their personal record or the record of a family member. The information of the chosen record will be pre-populated for Contact Fields and Address Fields as applicable. 


  • Submit Form: Creates a Form Response record along with Form Answer records for each Form Field. Form Responses will be assigned to the individual if authenticated or matched, otherwise Responses will be assigned to Default Contact
  • Upload an Image: A user can upload an image with their form. Note: Uploaded images will be resized down to 800 pixels.


Want to setup the Custom Form Widget? See Configuring Custom Form for details to get started!