My Subscriptions



The My Subscriptions Widget allows an authenticated User to view and update their Subscriptions.

  • Displays all Publications where the Available Online field is set to "True."
  • Publications they are subscribed to will appear with a checked box.
  • Publications with an Online Sort Order appear at the top of the list, ordered by ascending values. Publications without an Online Sort Order are shown below and are sorted alphabetically by Publication Title.
  • Publications can indicate their target audience (through the Title or Description), but nothing prevents any User from subscribing to any available Publication. 
  • If an image is attached to the publication, it will be displayed. If not a stock image will be used. See Platform Setup to learn more about images.


  • Title: Publication's Title
  • Description: Publication's Description field


  • Search Subscriptions: Search for User's Subscriptions by keyword
  • Select/Unselect: Check box to subscribe to a new publication or uncheck box to unsubscribe
  • Update Publications: Unsubscribe from Publications or subscribe to new Publications


Want to setup the My Subscriptions Widget? See Configuring My Subscriptions for details!