One-Click Unsubscribe


The One-Click Unsubscribe Widget allows a contact to unsubscribe from a specific Publication or opt out of receiving bulk email. Even better? It lets them undo their most recent action if they have unsubscriber's remorse ;)

  • The Contact’s email address is populated for clarity.
  • Contacts do not need to be authenticated (or even have a User Account) to unsubscribe through this Widget.
  • If the Contact opts out, their Contact Record will be set to Bulk Email Opt Out = "True" immediately.
  • If the Contact unsubscribes from a specific publication, their Subscription for that Publication will be set to Unsubscribed = "True" immediately.
  • The most recent action can be undone.
  • Email: Contact's email that will be unsubscribed. No need for them to sign in or create an account.
  • Unsubscribe Note: Confirmation the Contact has been unsubscribed or opted out of bulk email.
  • My Subscriptions: Link to the Contact's current subscriptions. Note: The My Subscriptions button is included when via an optional attribute.
  • Undo: Undoes the most recent unsubscribe or opt-out action.
  • Unsubscribe from PublicationClick a link to unsubscribe from a single publication.
  • Undo Unsubscribe from Publication: Select "Undo" to be resubscribed to the publication.
  • Opt-Out of Bulk Email: Click a link to opt-out of bulk email.
  • Undo Bulk Email Opt-Out: Select "Undo" to be opted back into receiving bulk email.

Want to setup the My Subscriptions Widget? See Configuring One-Click Unsubscribe for details!