Configuring Prayer & Feedback

Quick Start

The Prayer & Feedback Widget provides a simple, streamlined, customizable way for your Users to submit prayer requests, praise reports, and feedback. See the Quick Start Guide to empower your people to connect with you when they need to most.

If the shared script hasn't been added to your website, add it to your desired webpage, replacing with your church's base MP URL. 

<script id="MPWidgets" src=""></script>

Create a webpage on your website that will display your Prayer & Feedback Widget or identify the page on your website where it will be displayed.

Add the Prayer & Feedback Widget to your church website by placing this snippet of code in the body of your chosen webpage.


Tip: While not mandatory, this snippet would typically be placed inside a <div> element with the class "container."
Widget Configuration

Required attributes are necessary for Widgets to function.

  • Return URL: The URL where the Prayer & FeedbackWidget was placed on your website. This required attribute facilitates the verification step.
    • Attribute: returnurl
    • Valid Values: A fully qualified URL (This URL is used by the verification token to direct the User back to the Widget, so it cannot be relative)
  • Verification Email Template: Identifies a Message stored in the Platform that will be sent to the individual who submits a Prayer & Feedback response.
    • Attribute: verificationemailtemplate
    • Valid Values: Message ID (Note: this is a Message page ID, not a Template page ID)

Optional attributes may be included to expand the Group Details Widget.

  • Program ID: If included, Prayer & Feedback responses will be associated with the identified Program.
    • Attribute: programid
    • Valid Values: A single Program ID
  • Feedback Type ID: Determines which Prayer & Feedback types will be available in the Feedback Type dropdown menu. Note: There are four Feedback Types (Prayer, Praise Report, Comment, and Raving Fan) and you can mix and match them into different versions of your Widget. You could have one Widget for each type, or combine Prayer and Praise Report into the same Widget. The choice is yours!
    • Attribute: feedbacktypeids
    • Valid Values: One or more Feedback Type IDs, separated by a comma.

Attributes must be included before the opening Widget tag is closed. An attribute's value should be wrapped in quote marks.


Platform Configuration

Program: Select the Program that fits the prayer and/or feedback you'll receive.

Verification Email Template: Prayer & Feedback is a two-step Widget and this Message requires a verification token for users to continue the form. No records have been created for this User in the Platform, so Contact Merge Fields are not available. This Message can be personalized using the optional tokens below.

  • Required: [mpp_verify_email_url] (expires in 24 hours) should be set somewhere in your email. This link should be set from source view. The link text displayed might be "click here" or "verify."
  • Supported Merge Fields: [mpp_contact_first_name], [mpp_contact_last_name]
<div>tap here to <a href="[mpp_verify_email_url]">verify</a></div>
Pro Tips: Make the From Contact, Reply to Contact, and Subject Line of the verification message very obvious so the Contact and easily identify it in their inbox. You can even include merge fields in your Subject Line to personalize your message!

Want to customize the Prayer & Feedback Widget even more? We love that!

CSS: Every Widget accepts the Custom CSS attribute. Include it before the opening Widget tag is closed and customize backgrounds, button colors, and more!

Application Labels: Want the "Submit" button to say "Request Prayer" when the Feedback Type is limited to a Prayer Request? Want to add, "We'll be praying for you!" to the message a User receives after verifying their Prayer & Feedback submission? No problem! You can change the text that appears by navigating to System Setup > Application Labels (note that churches are responsible for all translations if the default is not used).

  • mpp-prayer-feedback-form.verificationEmailSentMessage - The message displayed after a User submits their Prayer & Feedback. Default is "Please check your email and follow the link to verify your submitted feedback or request for prayer."
  • mpp-prayer-feedback-form.submitButtonText - Label on the button the User clicks to submit their Prayer & Feedback request. Default is "Submit."
  • mpp-prayer-feedback-form.feedbackSubmitted - The message a User receives after verifying their Prayer & Feedback submission. Default is "Your feedback has been submitted. Thank you!"