Releasing Your App

Initial App Release

Congratulations! You’re ready to share your app with the world! After you approve your app, we'll submit it to the app stores for approval. Apple and Google have separate processes, and the length of time it takes for an app to get through these processes varies. Note: We recommend submitting your app for approval a week before a deadline (if you have one). Approval may not take that long, but this is a better safe than sorry situation ;).

After your app has been approved by Apple & Google, we’ll either: 1) release it right away; or 2)  wait until your scheduled release date. After your app has been released, your Beta version is essentially "promoted" to the public version, and everyone has access to use it.

Updating Your Store Listing

You have the option of customizing the text that appears on your App Store listing. If you'd like to update either of these, reach out to Support!

  • Promotional Text: Informs your Store visitors of any current app features. This text will appear above your description. 
    • The default is, "Welcome to the official [Church Name] Church App!"
    • 80 character limit
  • Description: Details features and functionality of your app
    • The default is, "With this app, you can browse upcoming events, listen to sermons from our entire archive, watch ministry videos, and more."
    • 3,440 character limit
App Updates

When you decide to make a change (or changes!) to your app, you'll need to submit a recompile request.

  1. Navigate to the PocketPlatform customer dashboard on the Customer Portal. From the dashboard, you can:
    • Submit a recompile request
    • See the status of your recompile request
    • See the status of your recompile
    • See when your recompile has been scheduled for development
  2. Submit a Recompile Request form. Note: Bundle your requests so they can be handled in an efficient and timely manner. Depending on our current schedule, the scope of the change, and the urgency level of the request, you might have to wait a little while before the app can be recompiled and have the change(s) implemented.
  3. When it's time for your recompile, we'll make all of the requested (and approved) changes.
  4. When the changes are ready, the Beta app will go through a platform-specific review process before we can release it for testing.
  5. Once approved, we'll send you the links for the updated Beta version.
  6. You and/or your team can test the Beta version to make sure your requests have been meet.
  7. After you approve the Beta version, we'll submit your app to the app stores for approval.
  8. After your app has been approved by the app stores, we'll release it: 1) right away; or 2) on your selected release date.