Your Hardcoded Information


When we configure your app, we'll hardcode some of your information to make sure your app always runs the way you expect. And if you need to make changes to this information, never fear! We can easily make updates for you; just reach out to Support!

Be ready to provide the following information so we can get everything up and running. 

  • Your Church's
    • Name
    • Mailing address
    • Email address to us in your Privacy Policy
  • Default Contact Information: This is the information we'll use when someone new (aka, someone we can't match to an existing Contact) signs into your app.
    • Contact Status
    • Participant Type
    • Household Source
  • From Contact ID for emails sent by Contact Forms within the app.
  • Feedback Form Information: Used in Connection Card & Prayer Request Forms.
    • Program ID
    • Visibility Level
  • Pledge Campaign Type for the user giving stats on the Giving Screen, if you're using the Giving Screen, that is ;)
  • Payment Gateway information to use with ... 
    • Event Registrations
    • Donations
  • Bible translation used in the App for your Reading Plan. We support both ...
    • ASV (American Standard Version)
    • ESV (English Standard Version)
  • Website domain names that can be used with the Sermon Widget.