Want to know how many people are using app? Want to know which screens they're viewing or actions they're taking? You can do that!  And because PocketPlatform is controlled by MinistryPlatform, you to quickly see how users are engaging with your app, right in the Platform. Oh, and because you're tracking analytics in the Platform, you can leverage views,  charts, and reports to track engagements however you want. #dynamicduo

PocketPlatform Analytics track screen views and other selected actions (like event registrations), so when your Users interact with your app, you’ll be able to identify where your users spend most of their time.

Analytics Information
  • Analytics GUID: A unique identifier that ensures that this analytics event is unique.
  • Device ID: The device identifier for the user’s phone.
  • User: The UserID for the event. This value may be empty if no one was logged into the app.
  • Event Type: What the user did in the app (for example, "Screen Load").
  • Previous Screen: What screen the user came from to get to the current screen. Note: This is not always tracked.
  • Screen Name: What the user did in the app (for example, "Event Registration").
  • Analytics Data: Raw analytics information for the event. This is primarily used for reference and troubleshooting.
  • Timestamp: Date and time of the event.
  • Platform: The device type the user was on at the time of the event, either iOS or Android.
  • Screen Size: The physical dimensions of the device.
  • OS Version: The operating system version.
  • Language: UN standard two letter code indicating the user’s language.
Related Records

When available, we also keep track of specific items (for example, Events, Groups, or Opportunities) in MinistryPlatform that have been loaded.