Online Directory

This Resource File controls the appearance of the Online Directory and can be edited using the Portal Admin page.

Video Topics: Editing Online Directory Cards

0:20 - Portal Admin Page
0:56 - Editing the directory_format.htm Page
1:34 - Viewing the Changes

Available Tokens

  • [Photo] = The url to the individual's photo, if it exists on their Contact record
  • [Display_Name]
  • [First_Name]
  • [Nickname]
  • [Middle_Name]
  • [Last_Name]
  • [Address_Line_1]
  • [Address_Line_2]
  • [City]
  • [State/Region]
  • [Postal_Code]
  • [Foreign_Country]
  • [Mobile_Phone]
  • [Home_Phone]
  • [Extension]
  • [Date_of_Birth] = Displays the user's date of birth in the format "mm/dd/yyyy"
  • [DOB_Short] = Displays the user's date of birth in a shortened format: "January 1"
  • [Email_Address]
  • [Household_Name]
  • [HouseholdLink] = Displays a "view family" hyperlink that allows anyone who clicks the link to view all family members on one screen
  • [Household_ID] = MinistryPlatform's unique identifier for the Household record
  • [Unique_Name] = The photo file's unique name.
  • [dp_Row_No] = The row number of the returned record

Sample directory_format.htm file

<div class="divDirectoryImage mpp_infoCardImage" style="background-image: url('[Photo]');"></div>
<div class="divDirectoryInfo mpp_infoCardData">
  <div id='dir_name'>[Display_Name]</div>
  <div id='dir_add1'>[Address_Line_1]</div>
  <div id='dir_add2'>[Address_Line_2]</div>
  <div id='dir_csz'>[City] [State/Region] [Postal_Code]</div>
  <div id='dir_country'>[Foreign_Country]</div>
  <div id='dir_mphone'>[Mobile_Phone]</div>
  <div id='dir_hphone'>[Home_Phone]</div>
  <div id='dir_dob'>DOB: [Date_of_Birth]</div>
  <div id='dir_dob_short'>DOB (short): [DOB_Short]</div>
  <div id='dir_email'><a href="mailto:[Email_Address]">[Email_Address]</a></div>
  <div id='dir_family'>[HouseholdLink]</div>


If you format your .htm file like the example above (with stacked <div> tags instead of <br /> lines), fields will automatically collapse if they are empty. For example, if a member has no address on file, the directory card will not show empty lines.
Each card is wrapped inside of a div with the class mpp_infoCard. Your skin can style the mpp_infoCard class as well as any html included in the directory format file.