Content Pages



  • The Portal allows you to create content pages, which means the Portal can be used as a simple Content Management System (CMS).
  • For example, you could create a page called Small Group Leader Info and place it under My Groups in the navigation menu. Then, each week a Portal Content Manager could update that page with information small group leaders need.
  • The portal home page can be updated with content.

Initial Setup

You must have a Security Role in order to manage content on the Portal. To grant access, a SPoC can go to Administration > Users > open desired User record > in the Roles sub-page, add the "Portal Content Manager" Security Role. 

Creating/Editing Content

Users with appropriate the Security Role can manage content as follows:

  1. Log into the Portal.
  2. Navigate to a URL in your web browser that is dependent on your portal path. For example, if your Portal path is, then type an address like (where "mypage" is the desired page URL address).
    • If this URL does not exist, you have the option to create content.
    • If this URL already exists, you can see and manage your content.
Make sure not to include a trailing slash at the end of your custom page URL. It is not needed and can affect the appearance your Portal skin.

Pages created in this manner appear in the Site Index automatically. To access your Site Index, substitute your domain in the following URL:

Video Topics: Editing Static Pages on the Portal

0:32 - Portal Landing Page
1:12 - Creating New Static Pages
1:52 - Removing Static Pages


These pages are stored in the Domain Data Content folder