This Resource File controls the list of available currencies when accepting payment and can be edited using the Portal Admin page.

Sample Currencies File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <currency name="US Dollars" value="USD" code="840" />
<!--  <currency name="Philippine Pesos" value="PHP" code="608" />
  <currency name="HKD" value="HKD" code="344" />
  <currency name="SGDs" value="SGD" code="702" />
  <currency name="CNY" value="CNY" code="156" />
  <currency name="JPY" value="JPY" code="392" />
  <currency name="TWD" value="TWD" code="901" />
  <currency name="AUD" value="AUD" code="036" />
  <currency name="EUR" value="EUR" code="978" />
  <currency name="GBP" value="GBP" code="826" />
  <currency name="CAD" value="CAD" code="124" /> -->


You can comment-out currencies when not in use by wrapping it in comment tags: <!--  --> (see sample above). This disables the items but leaves them in the file for future reference. The value for each currency is important for proper configuration, so it is helpful to retain this in case you need it.

Warning: This file must be valid xml. If you are uncomfortable editing xml, please contact Support and we'll make the changes for you.