My Contribution Statements


The My Contributions Statement Widget allows an authenticated user to view and download PDFs of their giving statements and update their Statement delivery method.

  • Requires authentication. 
  • Shows one Statement for each year a Statement exists.
  • Shows the current year plus up to four previous years, if Statements for those years exist.
  • Selecting "Save as PDF" downloads a PDF of the selected Statement.
  • Selected defaults to most recent year (per Accounting Company).
  • Statements are shown for the Statement Contact and Statement Spouse when either is authenticated. Note: Statements will not appear for other Donors associated with a Statement via Statement Donors. 
  • Select Statement Year: Statements available for download
  • Save as PDF: Save a PDF of the selected statements
  • Go Paperless: Select to receive statements online or via email
  • Save as PDF: Download a PDF of the selected statement.
  • Go Paperless: When an authenticated user checks the "Go Paperless" box, updates the corresponding "Stmt Method" field on their Donor Record to "Email/Online." Unchecking the "Go Paperless" box sets the "Stmt Method" field to "Postal Mail."

For Setup details, see Configuring My Contribution Statements.