Make a Pledge



The Make a Pledge Widget allows individuals to pledge toward a specific initiative represented by a Pledge Campaign

  • Displays one Pledge Campaign. 
  • Campaign efforts are represented visually by a progress bar indicating both Pledges and Donations made toward those Pledges. 
  • A trio of church defined "suggested amounts" promote a streamlined giving process, though Pledges of any amount are accepted. 
  • Total Pledge is dynamically calculated and displayed using Pledge Amount, Frequency, and Start/End Dates. 
  • If an image is attached to the Pledge Campaign, it will be displayed. If not, a stock image will be used. See Platform Setup for more information about using images.


  • Description: Pledge Campaign's Description field
  • Progress: Indicates progress amounts, calculates percentages, and offers visual representation.
  • Suggested Amounts: Pre-defined amounts, represented by buttons, which are set in a widget attribute. Suggested amounts should feel relevant to the Pledge Campaign and how long the Campaign will run. 
  • Pledge Amount: Amount an individual anticipates giving each time they make a Donation toward their Pledge. 
  • Frequency: Frequency an individual expects to make Donations toward their Pledge. 
  • Pledge Start Date: Date an individual intends to make their first Donation. 
  • Pledge End Date: Date an individual intends to make their last Donation and reach their Total Pledge. Note: This date may or may not exceed the Campaign End Date depending on how the Pledge Campaign is configured. 
  • Make a Pledge As: This drop-down allows an authenticated user to choose their personal record or the record of a family member. The information of the chosen record will be pre-populated when they take the action below.


  • Create Pledge: Creates a Pledge record. Pledges will be assigned to the individual if authenticated or matched to a Contact record, otherwise Pledges will be assigned to Default Contact. Staff can see and approve Pledges in the Platform. Note: First Name, Last Name fields, and either Email Address or Phone Number are required so the response can be matched to a Contact record. It is not possible to change the required fields.


See Configuring Make a Pledge to get your Make a Pledge widget up and running!