My Pledges



The My Pledges Widget allows authenticated Users to view and manage their Campaign pledges. 

  • Sorted alphabetically by Campaign Name
  • Requires authentication 
  • Displays any Campaign to which the authenticated User has made a Pledge
  • Pledge Status (Pending, Active, Completed, Discontinued) displayed as a badge
  • Pledges which are Active/Completed continue appearing for 6 months after the Campaign End Date.
  • The Pledge Campaign's image will be displayed. If no image is attached, a stock image will be shown instead.


  • Description: Pledge Campaign's description
  • User: Authenticated User or their spouse, if both have Statement Type "Family"
  • Pledge Details: Amount pledged, amount donated, pledge start and end date, and installments remaining displayed on a progress bar.


  • Cancel Pledge: Depending on configuration, Users have the option to cancel an active Pledge. Note: This action cannot be reversed by the User. Choosing "Cancel Pledge" will set the status of the Pledge to Discontinued and send a confirmation email. 


Want to set up the My Pledges Widget? See Configuring My Pledges to get started!