Configuring My Subscriptions


Quick Start

Get the My Subscriptions Widget up and running to help people stay connected. See Quick Start to get started.

If the shared script hasn't been added to your website, add it to your desired webpage, replacing with your church's base MP URL. 

<script id="MPWidgets" src=""></script>

Create a webpage on your website that will display your My Subscriptions Widget or identify the page on your website where it will be displayed.

Add the My Subscriptions Widget to your church website by placing this snippet of code in the body of your chosen webpage.

Tip: While not mandatory, this snippet would typically be placed inside a <div> element with the class "container."

Widget Configuration

The My Subscriptions Widget snippet above is complete, but note:

  • This Widget is only available to Users who have authenticated via the Login Widget.
  • New Users will have the opportunity to create an account through the Login flow. 
  • Tip: The page containing this Widget can be added as a navigation item in the Login menu, making it available only after authentication. See Configuring Login for more information.

Platform Configuration

  • Available Online: All Publications where the Available Online field is set to "True" will be displayed.
  • Online Sort Order: Publications with an Online Sort Order appear at the top of the list, ordered by ascending values. Publications without an Online Sort Order are shown below and are sorted alphabetically by Publication Title.
  • Title/Description: Publications can indicate their target audience (through the Title or Description), but nothing prevents any User from subscribing to any available Publication. 

Attach a compelling image to the Publication to get people excited about it! If there is no image, a stock image will displayed, which probably won't inspire people to sign up, just saying .... File formats supported both by browsers and the Platform are: bmp, gif, jpg, and png. The widget software will crop and focus on the center of the image according to an ideal ratio of 59/32.


Want to make sure the Update Subscriptions button matches your church's branding? Think "Check the box to subscribe" needs updating? Good news—YOU can customize your Widgets!

CSS: Every Widget accepts the Custom CSS attribute. Include it before the opening Widget tag is closed and customize backgrounds, button colors, and more!

Application Labels: Customize that is displayed when a Publication doesn't have a description by navigating to System Setup > Application Labels (note that churches are responsible for all translations if the default is not used).

  • mpp-subscriptions.noDescriptionText - Text that appears for any Publication without a Description. Default is "Check the box to subscribe."
  • mpp-subscriptions.updateButtonText - Text that appears on the button. Default is "Update Subscriptions."