Check-In Suite utilizes Rooms in MinistryPlatform to enhance the check-in process and functionality Kiosk and/or Classroom Manager. Each Room Reservation has fields specific to Check-In Suite that must be set correctly in order for a Room to display in the Check-In Suite.

Room Fields Related to Check-In Suite

  • Maximum Capacity: The capacity of this room; how many people it can safely accommodate. Reported on against actual attendance in the Group Room Overview section of the Admin Console. Note: Max Capacity is designed to be used with Balance Priority (see below). Unless Auto Close at Capacity is True, Rooms over capacity without another Room configured for balancing do not "close" and would go "over" capacity.
  • Print Server: The print server mapped to this Room. These mappings are managed in the Printer Mappings section of the Admin Console.
  • Printer Name: The printer name mapped to this Room. These mappings are managed in the Printer Mappings section of the Admin Console.

Room Reservation Fields Related to Check-In Suite

  • Group: The Group using the Room.
  • Default Group Room: Deprecated field. Replaced by Balance Priority field.
  • Balance Priority: For balancing Participants between Rooms:
    • For one Group using one Room, simply set both Room Reservations as 0.
    • For multiple Groups sharing the same Room, simply set both Room Reservations as 0.
    • For one Group assigned to multiple Rooms:
      • Fill one completely, then fill other: set first Room Reservation to 0, then other to 1.
      • Fill evenly, back and forth: set both Room Reservations as 0.
      • Note: You cannot "mix" balance priorities (e.g., Room 1 and Room 2 have balance priority set to 0 and Room 3 has a balance priority set to 1). Either all Rooms should have 0 or Rooms should be set in order of desired filling 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
Note: Balancing is per check-in so that friends and family can stay together, even if it overflows the Room. If you have a Group set to fill two Rooms evenly and a family checks in their son and daughter (who are in the same Group) at the same time, they will be assigned to the same Room.
  • Closed: If true, the Room will not be available for Participants to check into regardless of other settings. This can be changed from Check-In Suite by using the Group Room Overview.
  • Auto Close At Capacity: If true, the Room will automatically be set to Closed = True when the Max Capacity set on the Room record is met by the number of Participants checked in. This can be seen and overridden from Check-In Suite by using the Group Room Overview.

Configuring Rooms

From the Platform, create Rooms with the correct specifications.

  • Ensure that the Rooms used for an Event are present in the Platform.
  • Ensure the Rooms have Room Reservation records for the Events:
    1. Open an Event record in MinistryPlatform.
    2. On the Rooms & Groups sub-page, click New.
    3. Choose the Room.
    4. Choose the Group.
    5. Set any other optional values.
    6. Click Save.
  • Ensure any Room Reservation records include a specified Group.
Tip: Create your first Event of the series and add all your Rooms & Groups on the Rooms & Groups sub-page. Then, copy your Event for the desired recurrence making sure to also copy the Rooms & Group sub-page. 
Note: If you do not currently use the Room Reservation functionality of MinistryPlatform, you still must create Rooms and Room Reservations in order to use Check-In Suite. Although we encourage you to leverage the Rooms features to their fullest to get the most benefit, if needed, simply create a Room called "Check-In Suite"