Printer Mappings


The Printer Mappings area of the Admin Console section of the Check In Suite application allows you to see and modify printer mappings for name tag printing with the Check-In Kiosk. Based on the Rooms in scope of the Check-In Suite Home settings, the list will show:

  • Building - Room
  • Group
  • Print Server
  • Printer Name

To filter the list to see only mappings related to one specific Event, select the desired Event in the "select active event to see group mapping" drop down.  To sort the grid by Room, Print Server, or Printer Name, click the desired column header.

If you are printing to Rooms via mapped printers, but your Event allows RSVP only Participants checking in that are not associated with a Group (thus, have no Room mapped), make sure to select and set a Default Printer on the Kiosk Settings dialogue.

Initial Setup

 The list of available Print Servers is determined by Printer Server records in the Platform (Lookup Values > Print Servers). These are created when the Print Service is installed and verified on a machine. In this context, a "Print Server" is a machine that has the Kiosk Print Service installed, verified and running. 


To edit a mapping, from the Check-In Suite Admin Console, go to Printer Mappings. Click the pencil icon and change the Print Server and/or Printer Name.

  • The list of available Print Servers is based on the Print Servers set up (See Initial Setup above).
  • The list of available Printer Names are dynamically updated based on the Print Server chosen and the printers available on that machine.
  • These mappings can be seen in the Platform on the related Room and Room Reservation records. See this KB for details.

To unassign a mapping, from the Check-In Admin Console, go to Printer Mappings. Click the "X" icon and unassign the printer from the Room and Group.