Configuring Make a Pledge

Quick Start

Entering a new fundraising season? Use the Make a Pledge Widget and its simple, customizable interface to help reach your goals! See the Quick Start Guide to get started.

If the shared script hasn't been added to your website, add it to any page where you want the Login Widget to appear (that's probably most, if not all, pages), replacing with your church's base MP URL.

<script id="MPWidgets" src=""></script>

Create a webpage on your website that will display your Make a Pledge Widget or identify the page on your website where it will be displayed.

Add the Make a Pledge Widget to your church website by placing this snippet of code in the body of your chosen webpages, modifying the required attributes.


Tip: While not mandatory, this snippet would typically be placed inside a <div> element with the class "container."
Widget Configuration

Required attributes are necessary for Widgets to function.

  • Pledge Campaign ID: determines which Pledge Campaign will be displayed. 
    • Attribute: pledgecampaignid
    • Valid Values: Pledge Campaign ID
Pledge Email Template: Confirmation email sent after an individual has successfully created a Pledge. 
  • Attribute: pledgeemailtemplate
  • Valid Values: Message ID
Note: The Pledge Email Template email uses a Message ID, not a Template ID. Similar names, but very different things ;)
Optional attributes allow you to expand the Make a Pledge Widget.
  • Suggested Amounts: Populates a trio of buttons with suggested giving amounts. 
    • Attribute: suggestedamounts
    • Valid Values: 3 integers 
      • Should be comma separated
      • Default is 30, 50, 100

All attributes must be included before the opening Widget tag is closed. Attributes may be listed in any order and should be separated by a space (or other whitespace). Each attribute's value should be wrapped in quote marks.

Platform Configuration

Any Pledge Campaign can be configured as a Make a Pledge Widget if meets the following criteria:

  • Today's date is less than the End Date or the End Date is undefined. 
  • Allow Online Pledge is set to "True."

If there is an image attached to the Pledge Campaign in the Platform it will be displayed. Help people visualize what they're supporting with a compelling image! If there is no image, a stock image will displayed. File formats supported both by browsers and the Platform are: bmp, gif, jpg, and png. The widget software will crop and focus on the center of the image according to an ideal ratio of 59/32.


All Widgets are customizable, so change the button color and update the labels to match YOUR church!

CSS: Every Widget accepts the Custom CSS attribute. Include it before the opening Widget tag is closed to customize your Widgets.

Application Labels: Prefer "Total Commitment" to "Total Pledge"? Want to say "Launch Date" instead of "Pledge Start Date"? You can update that (and more)! Navigate to System Setup > Application Labels (note that churches are responsible for all translations if the default is not used) and make your update.

  • mpp-pledge-campaign.totalPledgeLabel - Pledge label. The default is "Total Pledge."
  • mpp-pledge-campaign.pledgeStartDateLabel - Start Date label. Default is "Pledge Start Date."