Message Metrics

Message Metrics

Message Metrics is a core tool that displays statistics about messages that are sent out through MinistryPlatform. It was developed by Points North Systems.

Data in MinistryPlatform

Message Metrics creates a Message Metrics page and sub-page on the Message Record. This page pulls in information from SendGrid about messages that have been sent out through MinistryPlatform.


Core Tool

The Message Metrics core tool displays the following information:

  • Summary of opens, unopens, bounces, and unsubscribes 
  • Each individual recipient of the message and the outcome of the message to that person
  • Links in the message and the number of clicks per link
  • A chart of the number of clicks per link
  • Which recipients clicked on the various links
  • A preview of the message



Initial Setup and Requirements

Setup is done by Points North Systems and requires Admin access to MinistryPlatform server(s) for installation.


Please email to request a proposal.


Support is provided by Points North Systems. Their support team can be reached at

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