MP Extensions


Points North Systems has developed MP Extensions as a collection of texting, button snippets and other extended functions. 

  • Text to Register for an Event (by Event, Program, Group)
  • Text to Check-In to an Event (by Event, Program, Group)
  • Text to Respond to an Opportunity
  • Text to Respond to an Event (as Interested)
  • Text to Inquire on a Group
  • Text to Feedback (Prayer, Praise, etc)
  • Text to Subscribe to Publication

Initial Setup and Requirements

Setup will be done by Points North Systems and will require admin access to the MP server(s) for installation.

An MP Extensions web hook will set up against your Twilio text messaging number and then configured under Administration > Configuration Settings. 


Please email to request a proposal.

Data in MinistryPlatform

MP Extensions creates the following pages:

  • Text Functions
  • Text Keywords
  • Text Archives
Text Functions
  • Keyword: The word that congregants will use in their text message (e.g. PRAY)
  • Text Function: Designated action in MP
  • Text to CheckIn (Event Participant 03 Attended)
  • Text to Feedback (Feedback—e.g. prayer request)
  • Text to Register (Event Participant 02 Registered)
  • Text to Respond (Event Participant 01 Interested, Response to Opportunity, or Group Inquiry)
  • Text to Subscribe (Publication Subscription)
  • Text to Pledge (to a campaign)
  • Event/Program/Group/Opportunity/Publication/Feedback Type - Determines the type of record that will be created.
  • Response Text: The text message that will be sent back to the congregant. Tokens are available.


Support is provided by Points North Systems. Their support team can be reached at

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