View Summary/Checkout



  • The Portal's Transaction Summary page allows users to complete payments for multiple events and gifts at one time. 
  • The possible payment types that can be added to the Transaction Summary are:
    • One-time gifts,
    • Recurring gifts, 
    • Mission trip/project gifts,
    • Event registrations,
    • Remaining balance payments.
  • Authorize.NET allows for a fully-integrated payment gateway, so users can add all payment types to a single cart. There is no limit to the number of items of any type that can be added to the cart.
  • If you use redirect-based payment gateways like AsiaPay and Union Bank, users can add multiple items of a single type into a single Transaction Summary page. Due to limitations with these payment providers, multiple payment types cannot be mixed in a single Transaction Summary. 
  • A SPoC can change the name of this page in the Portal's Customer Config file in the View Cart Text value.