Pledge Campaigns


Pledge Campaigns are used to keep track of special one-time fundraising efforts. These include capital campaigns, building funds, year-end giving, and short-term mission trips. Each Pledge Campaign can have one or more Pledges (a specified amount of money that a donor has pledged to give by a certain date). Donations can be received and credited to these pledges if your Pledge Campaign and Program are configured correctly.

Pledge Campaign Fields

  • Campaign Name*:
  • Nickname:
  • Campaign Type*:
  • Description:
  • Campaign Goal*: 
  • Start Date*: The date the Campaign starts. (If in the future, Pledges that calculate from that date. If in the past, Pledges calculate from today's date.)
  • End Date:
  • Event:
  • Program:
  • Registration Start:
  • Registration End:
  • Maximum Registrants:
  • Registration Deposit:
  • Fundraising Goal:
  • Registration Form:
  • Allow Online Pledge*: Set to true to show this Campaign on the Make a Pledge page of the Portal.
  • Online Thank You Message: Enter a message to appear after someone clicks Create Pledge on the Make Pledge page of the Portal.
  • Pledge Beyond End Date*: Set to true to allow someone to set their Pledge End Date exceed the Pledge Campaign End Date on the Make a Pledge page of the Portal.
  • Show On My Pledges*: Set to true to show this Campaign on the My Pledges page of the Portal.