Donation Entry


Crediting a pledge during Batch Manager Tool entry differs slightly based on whether the pledge to be credited belongs to the donor, the donor's spouse or someone else.

Pledges by the Donor or Donor's Spouse

Credit the Donation to the donor. To assign the Pledge, select the appropriate Pledge and tab out of the field. If the Pledge is explicitly assigned via the BMT, the Pledge may still be matched per the note below.

Assigning the Pledge in the BMT is optional. If preferred, you can leave the Pledge field highlighted and finishing processing and finalize the Batch. Pledges will be credit per the note below.

Note that when you use the Create Deposit from Selected Batches report, the system attempts to credit a pledge. This happens only if the following conditions are met:

  1. The donation is made to a program that is participating in a campaign.
  2. The donor or donor's spouse has an active pledge to that campaign.
  3. The Donation Date is between the Pledge's First Installment Date and Last Installment Date.
Pledges by a 3rd party

If the pledge is towards a trip or a memorial or a fundraiser, you may find the correct pledge to credit by selecting the event associated with the campaign on the Donation 's Distribution in the Batch Manager Tool. The list of all donors with an active pledge to this campaign appear.

If the pledge is towards a capital or budget campaign, you may not be able to use the Event approach detailed above. Simply write a note in the Donation details Notes field. Pledge credit can be assigned later in the platform by locating the Donation record and editing the correct distribution line.

If the pledge is towards a mission trip or other campaign that is associated with an event, you should set the event on the Donation Details tab even if you don't know which pledge to credit. The pledge that requires credit may not even exist yet in the system. You may process this batch completely. The Donation can later be found on the Donations page in the view titled 4. Assign Pledge.  This view shows any Donation that has credited an event that is part of a Pledge Campaign without having been credited against a specific pledge.

Public Portal Donations

Donations made with the Portal's Mission Trip Giving page are automatically be credited to the correct pledge. Donations made with the Portal's Online Giving page do not automatically be credited to any pledge. However, the Pledge is matched during the nightly routine or when you use the Create Batch From Selected Donations report to put selected Donations into a batch, the system attempts to match a pledge. This happens only if the following conditions are met:

  1. The Donation is made to a program that is participating in a campaign.
  2. The Donor or Donor's spouse has an active Pledge to that campaign.
Manually Entering Pledges

If needed, pledges can be manually entered in one of the following ways:

  • Using Quick Add for Pledges. This is the recommended method for manual entry.
  • Using the Make a Pledge page on the Portal.
  • Manually adding a Pledge record on the Pledges page.