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An innovative donation platform engineered for growth.

Fully Integrated Features
  • Metrics
  • Single Sign-on Enhanced with Support for MP Widgets with Embedded Giving
  • Auto Batching (See the Automatic Batching Update Announcement below to see all the details!)
  • Inbound Single Sign-on Enhanced with Support for JWT Tokens
  • Refunds and rejections written directly into MinistryPlatform
  • Donation Recording
  • Anonymous Giving 
  • Mission Trip Giving
  • Cover the Fee Recorded into Dedicated Fields
  • Payment Recording
  • Sign-In / Register with MinistryPlatform Mobile Phone Number
  • Sign-In / Register with MinistryPlatform Credentials
  • Automatic Address Updating on Sign-In
  • Automatic Email Updating/Importing on Sign-In
  • Single Sign-On from MinistryPlatform to Online Giving
  • Single Sign-On from Online Giving to MinistryPlatform
  • New Household & Mailing Address Updating
  • Opt-In to Digital Contribution Statements
  • Giving History
  • Contribution Statements
  • View Old MP Recurring Giving when Migrating to Online Giving 
  • Integration Recordings Manage & Monitored
  • MinistryPlatform Integrated Embedded Giving with Single Sign-On in MP Portal
Be sure to check the Integration Overview page regularly to learn about all the exciting integration features OnlineGiving has to offer!
Automatic Batching Update Announcement

Online Giving has adjusted its recording of batches with deposit records to the day after the transaction is completed. Batches for new transactions will be created the day after the transaction is processed. Like before, the batch will be created with an associated deposit record. But, unlike before, batches will now contain a finalization date. Note:  Automatic batching is not enabled by default. If you are interested in enabling MinistryPlatform batching, please reach out to today to start taking advantage of this amazing and well-loved feature!

Embedded Giving

When donors log into the MP Portal, they typically use their personal device. Online Giving's software is designed to live behind the MP Portal login and registration pages. After logging into the MP Portal and accessing a giving page, the donor's authentication is securely passed from the MP Portal to the OG embedded giving page when the page is loaded. Technically speaking, this creates two sessions for the donor: 1) a session for the MP Portal user; and 2) a session for the Online Giving user. 

The Online Giving session is specifically designed to terminate when the web browser is closed and/or the browser times out the user session. Meaning, the session is personal and not long-lasting for security reasons.

Online Giving also uses banking-level security for sessions and will auto-logout based on inactivity and additionally only allows a single login session at any given time for a donor. Meaning, if a donor logs in to give on one device, all other devices are immediately signed out. This prevents session hijacking. 

OG also trains church administrators to use the Virtual Terminal located in the church's Online Giving control panel to complete gifts on behalf of the donor.

Metrics's Metrics go way beyond standard numbers! They provide interactive visualization of donor activity and generosity trends. Wondering why we created our whole picture metrics? Learn more  here. Metrics are currently offered to our MP churches using free of charge. 

Field Mappings

Initial Setup

An account with Online Giving must be established before the integration with MinistryPlatform can be configured.

Text messaging services with Online Giving require a separate Twilio phone number. If you already have a Twilio account, you will need to purchase an additional number specifically for Online Giving. Details will be provided from Online Giving's support desk.


There is no charge from ThinkMinistry for configuring the integration.

Fees from Online Giving will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement. Churches are required to use’s giving platform as their primary giving system.

Professional Services Enhancements

Professional Services has created additional pages and subpages for this integration that are available for purchase:

  • Announcements 
    • Under the Communications folder, the following pages are added:
      • Announcements
        • Subpages for Groups, Events, Congregations
        • New views
      • Announcement Congregations (along with new views)
      • Announcement Events (along with new views)
      • Announcement Groups (along with new views)
    • Announcement Subpage on the Events, Groups, and Congregations pages
    • Announcement Field (under Notifications section)
  • Fee Covered - an additional field added to the Donations and Distributions pages.​
Professional Services integration projects are provided with no warranty or support. Any changes, fixes, etc, will be subject to availability and billed at the prevailing hourly rates.

Support is provided by Online Giving at

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