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A new vital platform for reaching and retaining guests.

Fully Integrated Features
  • Event Registration
  • Communication Messages
  • Publications
  • Milestone Recording
  • Contact Matching and Creation
  • Household Congregation Updating
  • Feedback Entry Creation
  • Pledge Creation
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Say Hello to the new Church Chatbot Giving Assistant!

OnlineGiving is pleased to announce the new revamped Church Chatbot Giving Assistant is now live! The new chatbot giving assistant has been updated with an amazing look-n-feel that automatically themed to your church giving website. Additionally, they've integrated the giving assistant with all of their text marketing features, which means all of your baptism, connection card, Christ acceptance chatbot features are also available directly on the church giving website. Donors may now use the chatbot to complete their gift via the chatbox window in the bottom right of all giving pages.

Additionally, they have taught the chatbot how to listen and speak. On browsers that support it, the chatbot can have a conversation with you, which allows the donor to use their voice to make a gift and for the chatbot responses to be spoken on the donor's device! They've also designed the giving website assistant to be able to live on the church's website. Church administrators may contact OG at to schedule the giving assistant to be installed on any church website page they desire.

Watch the new Church Chatbot Giving Assistant in Action:

Previews of the auto theming on the chatbot in action

This is one of many of the latest innovative enhancements released this year, which include TouchID, automatic text giving registration, password-less registration, frictionless repeat guest giving, and more! 

You can try the chatbot on the MP demo


Field Mappings


Initial Setup and Requirements

An account with Online Giving must be established before the integration with MinistryPlatform can be configured.


There is no charge from Think Ministry for configuring the integration.

Fees from Online Giving will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement. Churches are required to use’s giving platform as their primary giving system. 


Support is provided by Online Giving. Their Support team can be reached by email:

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