Combining Households


Combining separate Households into one Household is necessary when people get married, as well as when individual members of a Household are added separately (e.g., if the family members didn't indicate a relationship upon initial entry). Through this process, Donation records remain with the Donor they are assigned to.

To combine separate Households:

  1. On the Contacts page, open the Contact record of the person to move Households (e.g., the wife's Contact record).
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click the Pick-list button by the Household field.
  4. Search for and choose the desired Household record (e.g., the husband's Household record).
  5. Save the Contact record. The individuals who were once separate are now in the same Household.
  6. Repeat steps 1-6 for any additional family members who need to be added to the main Household. 
  7. Complete any final data cleanup; for example:
    • Launch the Add/Edit Family Tool to update the marital status of the Heads of Household.
    • Add a "Married To" Relationship on one of the Head's records (which automatically adds the reciprocal relationship to the other Head). 
    • If all the members were moved from a Household, the empty Household can be deleted.

Combining Duplicate Households

If you have duplicate Households, you can combine them using the Compare & Combine Households Report:

  1. Go to the Households page
  2. Select two duplicate Households
  3. Reports > Compare & Combine Selected Households report.
  4. Complete the Report Parameters
  5. Click View Report

Keep in mind the following when using the Compare & Combine Selected Households report:

  • Only two Households can be selected and combined at a time.
  • All Care Log entries from both household records are preserved and moved under the Household record you keep.
  • Records merged through this report will not create Audit Log entries.
  • Once the records are combined, the information not retained during the merge is not visible. 

Finding Parents of a Child in their own Household

A report can help you find parents of a child who is in a Household separate from their parents. Go to Households > select the desired Household > Reports > Selected Household Matches > follow the report's instructions.