We do Church!

MinistryPlatform isn't just great software. We do Church!

In every shape and size and form, our people know what it takes to help your church with data problems of all sizes. And we use that knowledge to deliver the most flexible Church Management System on the market!


Groups are where people can gather, learn, grow, and serve. They are the cornerstone of discipleship, accountability, and ministry. Groups are important to us because that’s where the people are.

So. Yep. We do Groups

In MinistryPlatform speak, the word “group” can refer to any collection of people. And the possibilities are endless:

If you want to track Sunday School classes, small groups, and leadership studies … MP can do that. If you want to track usher teams, greeters, and worship band … MP can do that. Basically, if you can dream it, MP can track it.

And we’ve got all kinds of fun bells & whistles to take your groups management to the next level:
  • Online search & sign-up
  • Automated attendance notifications
  • PocketPlatform's group management
  • Communication tools


Our check-in system is not just for kids!! (But it’s also for kids!!)

We have an entire suite that helps you check-in the young, the old, the new, the seasoned, and everything in between. So many customizations available that we can hardly list them all, but ok twist our arms, we’ll give it a shot. You can customize:
  • Labels – Add icons, logos, allergies, special family note, etc.
  • Theme – Add backgrounds, graphics, and configure your color scheme
  • Printers – You can print locally, in each classroom, or share printers
  • Search options – You can have people search by phone number, unique ID number, name (commas, spaces and partial names are supported), or … drumroll please … QR Code!
Other options or features include:
  • Add/edit individual and family information
  • Identify persons who are not approved to pick up a child
  • Parent or front desk notifications
  • Close rooms manually or automatically based on room capacities
  • Check-out
  • Post-event check-in
  • Attendance reports
We’ve put a lot of heart into our Check-In Suite and would love to show it off. Why don’t you gather up some teammates and schedule a tour?


  1. Make your coffee in the morning
  2. Walk your dog
  3. Put away your laundry

There are so many things our events can do, we figured it’d be a shorter list to tell you what they can’t! :)

Events: Your church has them. And so we support them.

We’ve got you covered from everything that happens on weekends (Sunday school, worship services, new visitor classes) to conferences, retreats, breakfasts, VBS, marriage seminars, camps, and so on, I think you get the idea.

And every event can be configured to include any combination of the following:

  • Online registration (free or paid)
  • Automated follow up emails
  • Registration payments
  • Event check-in
  • Custom forms
  • Room/equipment/service reservations
  • Attendance reports
  • We’re just getting started and we’ve already more than doubled the list at the top. So let’s just leave you with, “And more!”

We’re kinda proud of all we’ve built into our events and would love a chance to show them off. Sign up for a tour!


Church isn’t the place for stagnant faith.

We want to see lives changed, growth happening, people coming to know Jesus more intimately and living their lives the way he would want them to.

And many of the steps that it takes to get to life change can be tracked, making it easier for the church to see where their people are in these processes and where they may need assistance or to be ushered into their next step of Christlikeness.

That’s where we come in.

  • We’ve got all kinds of tools and processes that can show you where someone is along their journey, and which step they might be ready for next.
  • Our system can automatically change someone’s engagement level, or their active/inactive status, based on criteria you determine ahead of time.
  • From assimilation to leadership, we can help you target gaps, so you are better equipped to reach out and help someone take their next step.

Real-Time Data Filtering

This is one of the areas where our system really shines!

See, reports are great. They are. In fact we give you over 200 of them right out of the box. But typically reports will get saved as a digital file and/or printed. And then what?

That’s why we loooooooove our Advanced Search. You can filter data the same way a report would, but do it right inside the platform so you can see the results – and then – the magic happens! You can select some or all of these resulting records and take immediate action on them: Email them, text them, send a task regarding them to another person on staff, filter them further, run demographics, export them, save them, share them with another user, print labels, … the options are seemingly endless.

But the point is that the results are actionable.

When you run these Advanced Searches, you have in essence sliced and diced your data real time. And then you can do something with it! Liiiiiikkke: Setting up a notification.


If Advanced Searches are the peanut butter, Notifications are the jelly.

A Notification can send an email to a user, or a group of users, with a snapshot of the resulting data and links back into our system. It can also send an email to the people that are the resulting data, using an email template and a schedule you determine ahead of time. For instance:

  • You want be alerted of any newly Active Contacts
  • First-time visitors should get an email, thanking them for attending and inviting them back
  • Maybe you want your pastors to be alerted of their open care cases
  • Or your finance team would like to see who gave a first gift each month
  • You could just want to stay on top of problems that need fixing such as duplicate records or get a reminder of missing information

All of these can be accomplished with an Advanced Search and a Notification!

When you start using these on a regular basis, you’re gonna be like, “Report? Report, who?”


We like our system the way we like our baked potatoes: Fully loaded!

You get over 200 reports on day one. And more than half of them integrate directly with a customizable selection of records. That pretty much translates into infinite reporting possibilities!

All of our reports are exportable into a variety of file types. And we love coming up with new reports every few months to help make ministry easier, it’s truly one of our favorite things.

And because all of our reports are built on top of SSRS (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services), that means they are customizable. And third parties can design reports for MP!

Want a comprehensive, alphabetized list of all of our reports? We can hook you up.
But you may want to settle in and get your scrolling finger warmed up first. It’s a long list. :D

The Power of a Platform

MinistryPlatform provides a powerful set of features that allow churches to focus on ministry.

We chose to start with a platform because it allows churches the freedom to address unknown requirements in unknown ways. The Platform allows new fields, tables, and structures to address problems that each church may need to solve. By focusing on dealing with the data problems, we can release the church to focus on ministering to people.

The Platform also allows almost any functionality almost anywhere you need it. We say “almost” to cover our bases, but seriously … this is awesome!

  • You can email from anywhere in the system
  • You can create a chart or graph for just about anything you can imagine
  • Reports are customizable and flexible

The fully integrated API allows churches to expand “beyond the platform,” and our ecosystem of integrations allows the church to have a single consolidated silo of data, while allowing a myriad of applications.

MinistryPlatform provides churches the power and flexibility they need to address the ever-changing landscape of ministry.