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You might work at the same church, but what you need out of a Church Management System is going to differ from one role to another. We know! We've worked in all of them.

Our system covers the entire gamut, from Check-In to leadership charts, first time visitors to major donors, reports, milestones, processes ... you guessed it: everything in between.


You can report on attendance by individual, household, group, event, campus, or more. Or any combination of these! See who has attended for the first time ever, or who hasn’t been attending in the past days, months, or years. Are parents involved, but their kids aren’t attending? (Or vice versa?) Did someone attend a different group than they’d been assigned or registered for, or at a different location than your records indicate the belong to?


We have lots of attendance reports built-in, but you can also create your own Advanced Searches with custom filters and display fields so you’ve got answers to your questions right at your fingertips.



You get over 200 reports on day one. And more than half of them integrate directly with a customizable selection of records. That pretty much translates into infinite reporting possibilities!


All of our reports are exportable into a variety of file types. And we love coming up with new reports every few months to help make ministry easier, it’s truly one of our favorite things.


And because all of our reports are built on top of SSRS (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services), that means they are customizable. And third parties can design reports for MP!


But that may not be necessary. We might just have what you need.

Contact information

Available at your fingertips wherever you go:

The basics like phone, email, home address, gender, DOB, and household role.

Helpful extras like status, participation, and campus.


You can view what groups or teams they’re in, any milestones they’ve accomplished, or view their family members.

You can also use the system’s email or text functionality on your mobile device.


Manage Group Gatherings

Group Leaders can view events for their group, from the past (up to three months) and the future (within the next 30 days).

GroupLife also allows leaders to add new gatherings, which will land in the Platform for staff review and an approval process, if desired.


Take attendance for any event or indicate that the group did not meet. All of this data is immediately available in the Platform.

Event Registration

Your event registrations can be as simple or complex as you want them, and boy have we seen our MP Community come up with some doozies!


Your registrations can be free or paid (with or without a deposit), you can add someone to a group based on criteria you ask them, you can offer something (like a CD or T-Shirt) until you run out of inventory then it’ll no longer be available, you can limit how many of a particular selection (like posters or a book) you want each person to choose, you can offer promo codes, include all the custom questions you want …


There’s so much you can that you should do yourself a favor and request a tour – we’d love to show you All The Things.


Audit Log

Every single page in MinistryPlatform keeps track of changes in each record.


That means you’ll always know who keeps changing a congregant’s email to one that bounces, or who end-dated someone’s participation in a group or team. You can sort by date or by field. And you’ll see at a glance who made the change, when they made it, which fields were impacted, what the previous value of the field was, and what it was changed to.


Common Platform across entire Diocese

Here’s one of the beautiful things about MinistryPlatform as a Diocese-managed parish management solution:


All of your parishes will be on the same system.

Yet none of them will have “global access” to see each other’s data.


And data only needs to be entered once.

That’s right – no more duplicate entries (imagine what that will do for your data integrity!), always up-to-date, and no syncing required.


You’ll have real-time access to all of your parishes’ data, across the entire system. Anytime.

Volunteer Tracking

You can track anyone who is interested in a serving opportunity, who has opted out, or the ones who are now serving. You can see where they are in any process such as approvals, interviews, or onboarding. You can collect online applications or check the status of their background check.


Batch Manager Tool

Our Batch Manager Tool uses state of the art CAR/LAR technology and has a streamlined UI with all your donation processing details on one screen. We’ve also made it very keyboard-friendly so the “mouse averse” won’t be forced to leave the keyboard if they don’t want to.

You can scan checks or envelopes (or both!) and the image files are easily accessible in the donation record in MP.

And! Our security permissions can get pretty granular (down to the field level!) so you decide who can see, edit, or manage anything stewardship related. Or who shouldn’t.


Track who is or isn’t a member, what their participant type is (guest, attendee, non-attending, dropped…), and what their engagement level is (observer, partially engaged, fully engaged, lapsing, lapsed). When you view these in combination with other sets of data, you can end up with some great ministry lists like:


Who used to be a member but is no longer attending a small group?

Are there any children that aren’t coming to kids’ service, but their parents are involved?

Who was a highly involved leader but is no longer volunteering in any capacity?

Has anyone lapsed and then showed back up a year later as a guest?


Routines will take engagement tracking to the next level.


The system will look at your data every night and automatically assign the appropriate engagement level to each of your participants. What’s appropriate, you may ask? Well, you get to define that! You determine which types of groups, events, or donations would qualify someone as being “engaged” and the routine takes over from there!

Email or Text Leaders and Members

In GroupLife, Group Leaders can select one, multiple, or all Group Participants and/or Leaders and send an email or text to using a single form.

Annnnd, you can send file attachments in your emails – like curriculum or discussion questions!


These messages are all recorded in MinistryPlatform, giving your staff full visibility to group communications.

Check-In Themes

Customizable. Every Communications Director loves to hear that, right?


Yes, you can add your own background image or logo.

You can edit the color scheme for things like text, buttons, and field background colors.

You can edit some of the text/instructions.

And each different kiosk can have its own theme, or they can all share the same one.


Now your check-in look and feel can match the branding of whichever ministry or event you are using it for. We know this will make your women’s ministry very happy!

Software Updates

We will schedule and deploy application updates on every MP system, regardless of where it is hosted, to ensure every church has the exact same version of each MinistryPlatform application at all times.


We’ll let you know when the update is coming and again when it's been deployed, and provide release notes with links to our KnowledgeBase.


And we listen to you! Many of our updates come from ideas submitted by our MP Community.

Magazine subscription Management

Save your diocese and parishes time by automating your magazine subscription management.


With MinistryPlatform, parishioners can automatically be added to your diocesan magazine as soon as they register at a parish, and they can easily opt themselves out, further reducing your administrative efforts.


Check their subscription at any time across the system, with full management rights.


And because all of your parishes will be on the same platform, your entire subscription list is available at your fingertips.

Communicate With Parents

When sending an email through MP, there is this magical button that reads “Send to Parents.”

That’s it.

Next question.


It’s quite simple to find your classroom of children or group of students in the system, and then easily identify their parents, whether to send them an email or to drill further down into their data to learn about them.

Soft Credits

Soft credit is a way to make a note that a donation credited to one donor record was caused by another donor. This allows the donation to appropriately display on the donating party’s contribution statement, while still recognizing the soft donor as a giving entity of the church.


Donations from specified donors can set up to always soft credit another specified donor, gifts can have multiple soft donors in their distributions, and many of our stewardship reports have options to include soft donations.


Most of the metrics you will need, we have already built in. Whether it’s a report, a chart, or a page view, if you’re looking for numbers on attendance, salvation decisions, baptisms, people serving or leading, people in groups, cars in the parking lot …! we’ve got you covered on.


You’re doing to come up with something we didn’t anticipate, aren’t you? Our churches always do. But great news! – and you should be used to hearing this by now – you can always create your own.


If you can dream it, we can track it. And then report on it.

Prayer Requests

From the prayer page, you can search and view existing prayer requests, add new ones, and approve requests.


Prayer entries made in MobileTools are logged in the platform where prayer requests can also be assigned and/or approved. If desired, a process could be created to help manage this.


Group leaders can view and add prayer requests for their group members.


Manage Group Inquiries

When someone indicates an interest in one of your groups, it can be captured as a Group Inquiry. And your group leaders can manage these inquiries on their phones using GroupLife.


Sort inquiries by first name, last name, or inquiry date.

View inquiring member’s contact information and profile pic.

Then approve or reject the inquiry.


Approved inquiries will land in your Group Members list lickety-split.

Full OAuth2 Stack

OAuth2 is the industry standard for authorization.

MinistryPlatform has its own OAuth2 server built in that supports all OAuth2 flows and is integrated at every level of the product.

By leveraging the OAuth Single Sign On, users can seamlessly move between applications and third parties can rapidly build integrations without the need to worry about creating and managing user data.

Appeals and Capital Campaigns

MinistryPlatform can help you manage any kind of financial project where you need to track pledges – from Annual Appeals to Fundraisers, from Capital Campaigns to Building Funds.


Donor records, and their pledges, are private from one parish to another, while allowing your diocesan staff access to view not just all of the individual pledges, but the entire Appeals or Campaign process.


Easily identify who has pledged (or who hasn’t), who has given (or not), or who has already fulfilled their promise (and those who are still giving toward it). Any ‘set’ of donors can then receive a communication through MinistryPlatform, making your follow-up conversations streamlined and efficient.


And the reports? (We knew you’d ask.)

Yes. We have them, and they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Background Checks

Easily identify people who require a background check, whether it’s because they just joined a group or level of involvement that requires it or their current check is about to expire. When they fill out their form, the background check company will receive it and then update MP with the status and date of the last check.


Several background check systems integrate with MinistryPlatform. Be sure to check them out!

Campaigns and Pledges

Whether you have a capital campaign or people are raising their own funds for a mission trip, our campaigns and pledges can streamline the process for you.


Your congregation can create their own pledges online, and mission trip leaders can see how their team is doing raising their funds individually or as a team. You can see where each pledge is in the process of being fulfilled, and you can easily run individual or campaign-wide reports.

Journeys and Milestones

A milestone is an important date or accomplishment by a church participant (think: salvation decision, baptism, first time to visit or approved to serve). You can create whatever milestones are important for your church to track.


A Journey is a collection of milestones. You can track a person’s progress through these milestones, even sequentially (we already have a view in place to show you what milestones someone has accomplished, and what their next one should be).

Track Care Activity

At a glance you will see how many care cases we have that are new, current, or lapsed. You’ll be able to get an overview of the details of each case, and the overview of the care activity that has transpired. You can also add care activity of your own, such as to record a hospital visit or praying over them in their home.

Mobile Attendance

Leaders can use GroupLife to pull up existing, or create new, events for their group members to attend – all from their mobile devices. And marking them attended is as simple as touching their names or avatars and clicking a button. Bam!

Attendance is recorded in real time in MinistryPlatform, allowing for efficient reporting.


Widgets allow staff and congregants to “conduct business” with you on your church’s website and have the results instantly captured in MinistryPlatform. By embedding a few lines of code into one of your webpages, you could provide any number of our widgets that enable someone to:

  • Search and sign-up for a group
  • Search and sign-up for an opportunity
  • View the church calendar
  • Plan their visit
  • Mission trip application
  • Make a pledge
  • Subscribe to a publication
  • And more!


The MinistryPlatform API is a fully compliant REST API leveraging an OAuth backend for authorization. The API is flexible and generic allowing for a fixed number of endpoints. The API has unfettered access to all data within the system.

The API is fully integrated into the core data architecture and changes are fully audit logged. Additionally, changes made by the API can trigger process workflows, webhooks, and other integrated functionality.

Standardize processes across your diocese

We know how important it is to keep things standardized among all of your parishes. Reports, yes, but also all of your processes as well!


MinistryPlatform allows you to identify very specific procedures, and then roll them out to the entire diocese:


How do you manage parish registration?

How do you track sacraments?

How do you schedule volunteers?


You define it.

The parishes follow it.


Plus, all of your parishes will use the same ‘templates’ for reports, certificates, letters, and more for an approved, uniform, standardized look and feel.

Challenging Family Scenarios

Children (or any family member for that matter) can be linked to as many households as necessary, and each of those households can check those children in to classes and events. No duplicate records. No visible reminders during check-in that the children belong to other households.


You can set up a red flag or print an alert on the child’s nametag of any concerns on who may or may not claim the child after class, and you can opt to include non-custodial parents on communications.

Payments and Invoices

Every time someone registers for an event, the system will create Payment and Invoice records. From there, you can easily track which ones are out of balance, which ones are or aren't paid in full, and you can even reassign the purchaser.


Send email reminders to pay off a balance, and you can elect to have a link added to the email that will take the reader directly to their invoices where they can view and pay them online.


With lots of time-saving features built in, managing registrations and payments is a breeze.

Views and Notifications

A View allows you to slice and dice your data real time right inside the platform so you can see the results. From there you can set up a Notification, which can send an email to a user, or a group of users, with a snapshot of the resulting data and links back into our system. 

  • Let’s say you want to be alerted of any new Households that checked-in to your children’s events
  • Or get an email with all of the first-time visitors from the past seven days
  • Maybe you want to be alerted when someone’s engagement level drops
  • Or have monthly metrics land in your inbox

Get ready to be informed!


In a care case, the map will automatically load the address listed in the case details (this could be a hospital or other care-giving facility). If there is no address there, it loads the address from the person’s contact details (which will likely be their home address).


With the click of a button, you will be taken to your mobile device’s default map app with the address loaded in. Now you can get directions and away you go!

Custom Forms

Our custom forms can standalone or you can include them on event registrations, volunteer team signups, mission trip applications, etc.


Our form editor tools allows you to drag-and-drop questions in and rearrange them. Questions can be short or long text, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, date … you can also have one just for a set of instructions.


Our form widget even offers conditional logic!


Developers love documentation and examples. Swagger is a combination of both.

It allows developers to explore the API and even test API calls through a very standard approach. Swagger allows for rapid learning and testing of the API and exposes all API endpoints.

This is a favorite tool among developers.


MinistryPlatform has a powerful webhook feature that allows integrations with other applications quickly and easily.

Webhooks are customizable and flexible. You can create them to fire when records are created, changed, or deleted. The webhooks are even flexible enough that you can choose specific field level changes that are required to trigger the webhook.