Group Finder



The Group Finder Widget shows Groups that are available online and currently accepting new Participants via sign-ups or inquiries. Check out the Group Finder at Widget Church to explore the possibilities! 

  • Sorted alphabetically by Group Name. 
  • Can be filtered by:
    • Campus
    • Key Word
    • Neighborhood - Groups must meet all of the following criteria in order to appear:
      • Assigned as a Parent Group of another Group, not only classified by Group Type
      • Available Online = True
      • End Date is null or in the future
    • City or Postal Code
    • Group Focus
    • Life Stage
    • Meeting Day
    • Meeting Time
  • Key Word search looks for a match in the Group Name, Group Description, Program Name, and/or Ministry Name.
  • The URL may be pre-filtered by specific search criteria. For example, it could be pre-filtered to show only Groups which meet on Tuesday or Thursday.
  • Groups must meet certain criteria to appear in the Group Finder. 
  • If there is an image attached to the Group it will appear. If not, a stock image will be used. See Platform Setup for more information!


  • Name: Group's Name field
  • Day: Group's Meeting Day field
  • Time: Group's Meeting Time field
  • Date: If the Group's Start Date is in the future, the date will appear. If it has passed, the Group will be identified as "Already Meeting."
  • Description: Group's Description field


  • See Details: Launches the Group Detail widget, where there is additional information and both sign-up and inquiry forms.


Want the Group Finder Widget for your website? See Configuring Groups for details!