What's New? What's Next?



Wondering what we've been up to? Want a peak at what's coming to a Platform near you in the near future? This is your one-stop shop for what we've been up to this quarter. But these are just the highlights, so be sure to click the name of the release and read the release notes for the full details.

What's New

  • Platform // September 2022 - The Stop Impersonation option hit systems, as well as the Melissa Data integration to keep your data clean. #cleandataishappydata
  • Widgets // September 2022 - Haven't tried the Widget Generator yet? This is your sign to check it out! 
  • Tools // September 2022 - This release includes SEVEN new and improved tools.
  • Batch Manager Tool // October 2022 - Enjoy enhancements to Congregation filters and labels, all without the need for a scan service update! 
  • LifeApps // October 2022 - Both CareLife and GroupLife are about to become even more intuitive and easy-peasy to use.
  • Tools // October 2022 - The updated Roll Scan Attendance Tool is included in this release, as well as enhancements and fixes. 
  • Portal // November 2022 (Patch) - The Georgia State Police updated their Background Check form requirements, so we updated the form submitted by Protect My Ministry to keep everything nice and legal. 
  • Platform // December 2022 - This release is full of handy-dandy enhancements and updates (hello, task approval by User Groups!) to make the Platform work for YOU!
  • Widgets // December 2022 - You asked for it, you got it! The Event Details & Registration Widget will now support minor registration! 
  • Tools // December 2022 (Patch) - A quick little patch to keep the Assign Participant Tool running smoothly with the advent of minor registration. 

What's Next