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OnlineGiving – Upgrades and Enhancements
  • Thursday, Dec 3, at 3PM ET
  • Join us as we talk with OnlineGiving to learn about their newest upgrades and enhancements, such as the batching, invoice tools, etc. Are you familiar with their other features like text marketing, chatbot and mobile app? If not, you need to be in the know! Don't miss this webinar.
Introducing Group Life
  • Thursday, Nov 5, at 3PM ET
  • Learn all about the new GroupLife application! Equip your leaders to manage their Groups and take attendance via GroupLife. This new app lays the groundwork for exciting future Group management enhancements, and will replace Portal My Groups and MobileTools Group Manager. Get in at the ground level of the future of MP Groups today!
Texting in the New Message Tool
  • Thursday, Oct 29, at 3PM ET
  • Learn all about the new texting functionality in the New Message Tool! Leverage the power of the New Message Tool's send to parents, messaging views, delay send, quota limit, and template features to send TEXT messages! In a season where communication is even more critical than ever, reach your community simply, but powerfully!
  • Thursday, Oct 1, at 3PM ET
  • CloudServices is an optional add on to MinistryPlatform that adds value to your MinistryPlatform data like Contact Status Management, Geocoding, Drive Time, ICS Calendar Feed, and more!     
Focus Growth - Automated Assimilation
  • Thursday, July 9, at 3PM ET
  • Focus Growth is the first ever automated assimilation tool! From handwritten cards, to building online forms, and even using your existing forms, Focus Growth takes your assimilation process and automates each step into Ministry Platform (sending texts/emails, change MP status, add MP opportunity or milestone, add to MP Group, and even change campus). Most importantly, it is also a tool to measure the effectiveness of your communication, and give your pastoral staff and volunteers a dedicated, visually stimulating environment to operate your assimilation from to ensure no one ever falls between the cracks. Can't wait for you to learn how we can help you manage first time visitors, salvations, and any other custom assimilation process you can dream up!
PocketPlatform: A Fully MP Integrated App in a Post-Covid World Webinar
  • Thursday, June 25, at 3PM ET
  • Our partnership announcement at V-MPUG with the team at PocketPlatform has generated a lot of interest and questions. Come and meet the men behind the app and hear how a fully-integrated app can make communicating with your congregation not only easier but measurably more effective and engaging; especially in a Post-Covid world!
New Message Tool + Template Editor Tool = Stunningly Simple Emails!
  • Thursday, May 28, at 3 pm ET
  • Learn about the revamped, simple, yet powerful New Message Tool and the all new Template Editor Tool! Combined these stunning tools will take your communications from MP to the next level! (Can you say, "goodbye MailChimp"?! ;)
Blackpulp's Reservations App
  • Thursday, May 21, at 3 pm ET
  • Learn about Blackpulp's new Reservation App - a tool specifically designed to help your church as you get back to worship with limited capacity. The Reservations App can be used on your website or natively in your church's PocketPlatform app leveraging technology to allow your congregations to gather safely in person.
Custom Form Widget + Conditional Logic = Amazingly Powerful Forms!
  • Thursday, May 7, at 3 pm ET
  • Learn about the new stand-alone Custom Form Widget and the powerful new conditional logic it supports! Combined these powerful features will take your Custom Forms to the next level! (Don't worry, adding Custom Form support to other Widgets like Opportunity Response is in the works so those Forms will also be able to benefit soon! :)
Taking Church Online: The CARES Act
  • Tuesday, April 14, at 3 pm ET
  • In this unprecedented season of COVID and "social distancing," congress released a relief package called the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security). Learn from a panel of industry experts and experienced churches in the Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform communities as they spell out what the CARES Act is, and how it can help your church.
Giving Unit Summary Page
  • Tuesday, April 7, at 3 pm ET
  • Learn about the *new* Giving Unit Summary page in MinistryPlatform and how this read-only page along with its accompanying Views can help you aggregate key data points about your Donors including an option for honing in on online giving around a custom, specific point in time and comparison window. The purpose of this page is to communicate with donors and, as a bonus, extract data from MP via export for further analysis. Leverage it to equip your church to engage Donors in this season of "social distancing" due to COVID!
Taking Church Online: Giving & Financials
  • Tuesday, March 31, at 3 pm ET
  • Steward and engage your community by providing ways to continue contributing and be an active part of your mission … that is now primarily online.
Taking Church Online: Classes & Groups
  • Thursday, March 26, at 3 pm ET
  • Take classes and groups online in this season of "social distancing" due to COVID from experienced churches in the Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform communities. Connect and build your community by continuing to provide classes and groups in an online format with sound advice and tested tips from churches already "doing church" online!
Taking Church Online: Community Outreach & Care
  • Tuesday, March 24, at 3 pm ET
  • Take community outreach and care online in this season of "social distancing" due to COVID from experienced churches in the Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform communities. Support and empower your community by engaging volunteers and connecting, coordinating, tracking, even providing care online.
Taking Church Online: Services & Prayer
  • Thursday, March 19, at 3 pm ET
  • Take church services and prayer online in this season of "social distancing" due to COVID from experienced churches in the Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform communities. Strengthen and encourage your community by continuing to provide worship services and prayer gatherings in an online format.
Read Only Pages

An Introduction

  • Thursday, February 27, at 3 pm ET
  • In this first installment, join us to learn: What are Read Only Pages? When would you use them? What are their limitations? How do you manage them?