Intermediate/Advanced Users

Are you a SPoC? Have access to the Administration, System Setup, and System Lookup pages in the Platform? Well, my friend, that means YOU are an advanced user! And these training videos are just for you.

Filtered Pages

A filtered page is a copy of a page with additional criteria applied to limit which rows of data appear. A filtered page can even have its very own reports, tools, and page views. Want to set up your own Filtered page? You can do that! Check out this training video to learn how to set up filtered pages, including some tips and gotchas.

Video Topics

00:20 - Filtered Pages Introduction
03:05 - Building a Filtered Page Example #1: Missions Trips
11:40 - Setting Security Roles
20:50 - Building a Filtered Page Example #2: Care Cases
27:00 - Copying Subpages & Subpage Views

Event Registration Walkthrough

Melissa Reveles, our Education Director, is back to let you watch over her shoulder, this time while she sets up a complex event registration. Come, watch, and ask all your questions as she sets up registration from scratch, complete with a Custom Form, adding students to groups, optional t-shirt purchases, and a Promo Code or two!

Video Topics

06:00 - Introduction
07:50 - Create a Program
13:30 - Create Groups
24:40 - Create a Product
43:00 - Create a Custom Form
52:30 - Create an Event
56:20 - Viewing Your Event
60:00 - Q&A

Event Registration Management Walk-Through (Advanced)

Now that you've got your registration set up, what's next? Melissa's back with the next installment on Event Reg, this time focusing on juggling all those registration parts and pieces. And she'll even give real-life tips on managing event series.

Video Topics

02:00 - Event Pieces & Parts Review
02:35 - Resolving Default Event Participants
03:44 - Assign Participant Tool & Selected Form Responses Report
08:40  - Fix: Assign Participant View
10:00 - Manual Registrations
12:07 - Add a Payment Tool
19:40 - Invoices & Payment Details
23:15 - Selected Form Responses Report
33:45 - Selected Event Registrations
36:00 - Managing Groups

Check-In Training (Intermediate/Advanced)

You've been managing registration and the big day has arrived! That's right, it's check-in time! Melissa's back with the next installment on Event Reg, this time focusing on getting check-in up and running.

Video Topics

00:20 - Check-In Events
05:24 - Check-In Suite Configuration
09:34 - Label Sets
10:27 - Attended Mode
12:48 - Unattended Mode
13:00 - Checking In
14:55 - Switching Between Attended and Unattended Mode
17:00 - Editing a Family via Check-In Suite
19:30 - Adding a Family via Check-In Suite
23:31 - Adding a Family Note via Check-In Suite
24:57 - Classroom Manager
27:25 - Admin Console