Getting Started


Brand new to MinistryPlatform? Start at the very beginning; it's a very good place to start!

Introduction to the Platform

Basic searching and navigation: How to find data in the system (in multiple ways, including mobile) to use it to do ministry.

Audience – ALL users from basic to advanced should attend this session: Leaders, Pastors, Ministry Staff

01:08 - Home Page
01:45 - Masthead
05:46 - Pages: Actions & Searching
09:30 - Views
12:50 - Pages: Searching, Tools, & Reports
14:25 - Grid View
18:00 - Selections
21:45 - Sending an Email


Editing Records in MinistryPlatform

Adding data and advanced navigation: Adding new households, understanding views, adding milestones, using selections and reporting.

Audience – Administrative Assistants, Ministry Associates, Receptionists, Secretaries (anyone who will be doing more than simply looking up people)

00:35 - Pages
01:00 - Contact Record
05:14 - Participant Record
07:15 - Add/Edit Family Tool
20:20 - Connection Card Tool
27:02 - Adding Participants to a Group
32:45 - Adding Responses to an Opportunity
35:15 - Milestones
35:55 - Events
37.27 - Publications


Communications Throughout the Platform

Use MinistryPlatform to communicate by e-mail or text, design and apply branded templates, print labels for letters or other mailers, and manage email subscriptions.

Audience – Communicators, Staff or Volunteers that will be assisting with communications

00:30 - Physical Communications (Call Lists, Labels, Letters)
10:50 - Emailing
30:45 - Templates

Event & Group Management

Set up events (with or without groups), set up groups, check people in (with or without name tags), and capture attendance (with or without a check-in station or a device).

Audience – Event Managers (anyone who is responsible for an event of any kind, for any age or audience, for any purpose, for any ministry)

00:25 - Groups
02:05 - Creating a Group
11:13 - Adding Participants to a Group
14:50 - Events
21:10 - Associating a Group with an Event
23:30 - Event Recurrences
27:09 - Attendance