Start A Live Chat



IMPORTANT: Only the SPoCs identified by your organization's management are authorized to use Live Chat with a Support Agent. Live Chat is for how-to type questions. If your question/issue requires links, screenshots, or investigating errors, please submit a ticket to

To initiate a Live Chat with a support agent, click on the GREEN chat icon in the bottom left corner of this page, or from the Support Portal. Enter your name and email, and click the check mark. When you have completed your chat with an agent, please click the X in the upper right corner to complete your chat.

Live Chat is available from 9am to 6pm ET, Monday thru Friday, during normal support hours. Agent response times will vary, depending on other in-progress chats and the overall ticket load.

Live Chat works a lot like texting, where there is a direct "conversation" between two people. It is best for 'how-to' type questions. All conversations will automatically be turned into support tickets. So, should an issue need further investigation, the transition to Support will be seamless!

Live Chat is not well-suited for complex issues like resolving server errors, multi-step scenario reproduction, etc.. Live Chat can handle sending and receiving screenshots and links as long as the conversation comes to a quick resolution. If the issue is realized to be too big for a chat, the Agent will let you know and convert the chat to a ticket on the spot and continue via email.

For complex issues, please do submit a support ticket from the Support Portal.