Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is an extensive, rapidly evolving, online documentation database with search-friendly articles and videos about every facet of all MinistryPlatform applications available to anyone on your team 24/7. It is written to help you use MP to its fullest no matter how you "do church."

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The Procedures page in MinistryPlatform is a great place to document how your church uses MinistryPlatform. For example, the KB explains how to create an Event, but your Procedures explains how at My Church we decide what Visibility Level or Program to use. It's a great place for all those "church-y decisions". Users can use the “About This Page” report on any page to print a Procedures Manual of Procedures specific to that page.

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MP User Community Forum

The MP User Community Forum is available for current live customers. It is a source of inspiration and ideas as churches share their own knowledge and experiences. Why reinvent the wheel!? Sometimes the best ideas come from a user doing the same job at another church! Reach out to Support to activate an account on the Support Portal to learn how other churches make ministry happen with MinistryPlatform.

Partners, Integrations, Integrators, and Consultants ("3rd Parties") who actively and closely work with our community are also invited. Please see FAQ #5 for details on our policy and expectations for keeping the MP User Community Forum a valuable community resource.

(Remember, software questions and issues should go to Support, not the Forum!) 


From time to time, we host webinars on a variety of topics that bring value to the MinistryPlatform community! Webinars are geared towards helping you get ministry done! 

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Each MinistryPlatform application is updated separately. For each update, users set to receive notifications will receive an email detailing when the update will be deployed, update highlights, and a link to the Release Notes. Release Notes detail the fixes, enhancements, and new features included in the update and are available anytime on the application's section in the KB.

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