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We'd love to hear from you! Which KB articles are helpful? Which ones aren't (and how can we make them so)?

Important: This widget is for feedback on how to make the KB article better. If you are experiencing an issue or have a questions, please contact Support. We'd love to help you!
  1. Go to any KB article and look for the "Did this article help?" icon.

  2. Choose Yes (helpful) or No (not helpful).

  3. If you choose no, let us know what would make it better, clearer, etc..

  4. If you choose yes, let us know why so we can continue that practice as we add and update other KB articles (optional).

  5. Click Submit.
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If you accidentally click the "Did this article help?" icon, simply click Close to close the feedback dialogue.

We are constantly investing in the KB to make it your go-to resource for leveraging MP at your church. We value your feedback!