Early Adopter Program


Early Adopter Program

An Early Adopter church is a church that is dedicated to using MinistryPlatform extensively to support their ministry and to giving back to the amazing community of MinistryPlatform churches.

Early Adopter churches partner with us by opting into being invited to the incubation of every new release (all applications). They are expected and depended on to accept the invitation the vast majority of the time (75%+)*. 

After Early Adopters are updated with the new release, starting within 24 hours and completed within 8 days** they will:

  • Review the release notes and KB updates for understanding
  • Test out fixes and new features
  • Report any questions or issues***
  • Provide feedback on documentation and new features

*If an Early Adopter church is not able to actively participate as outlined above, they will be removed from the Early Adopter program and receive updates as part of the customer wide release.

**For standard releases. For patches (small, critical updates), two days.

***If any changes or fixes are needed, Early Adopters will be updated as soon as available or with the final update as part of the customer wide release.

How it Works

  1. A release passes all internal testing and is ready to incubate.
  2. An invite is sent out to all Early Adopters (including release notes and an estimate of time commitment).
  3. Available Early Adopters respond to accept.
  4. Update date confirmed and notification sent to participating Early Adopters.
  5. Early Adopter church systems updated.
  6. Early Adopters:
    1. Complete the release notes and KB updates review checklist.
    2. Test out fixes and new features.
    3. Use the Early Adopters Forum to report any questions or issues.
    4. Use the Early Adopters Forum to provide feedback on documentation and new features.
  7. A huge high five is sent to Early Adopters (along with some awesome MP swag each quarter)!


Early Adopters get to:

  • Be first to get exciting updates!
  • Play around with shiny new features!
  • Try to find things we missed! (We're not perfect. Plus, MP is really flexible; you might use things a little differently than we anticipated.)
  • Have access to the private Early Adopters discussion forum!
  • Show their MP pride with quarterly MP swag gifts!
  • Glory in special recognition at MPUG!


The Early Adopters Program is by invitation only and has limited number of spaces are available. If you want to participate but did not receive an invite or previously declined, please contact Support to be added to the waiting list.