Application Versions

We maintain only one deployed version for each of our applications.

Think Ministry will schedule and deploy application updates on every MinistryPlatform system to ensure every church has the exact same version of each MinistryPlatform application at all times.

Application Deployments

Details about the deployment of application updates are communicated to users set to receive notifications. We can send these notifications to any member of your church staff. Your SPoC can send an email to Support to have us add or remove an email address from that list.

The initial "scheduling" communication provided in advance of any update to your system will include details on when the update will be deployed, update highlights, and a link to the release notes. Note: We are not able to "hold" an update from coming to you as we need to keep everyone on the same version. If you are scheduled for an update and that particular day or a certain time during that day would interfere with another critical, planned event/activity at your church, please let us know and we can reschedule you for another day or make note to avoid a certain time window.

Once the deployment is successful, a "success" communication will provide confirmation that your system has been updated as well as a link to the release notes. Note: If we are unable to access your system to deploy the scheduled update, we will notify the church's IT SPoC via opening a Support ticket and will reschedule your deployment accordingly.

Application Release Notes

Release notes detail the fixes, enhancements, and new features included in the update. Release notes are linked in both the scheduling and success communications referenced above. Release notes are also available anytime on the application's section in the KB. Links to each application's release notes section are below:

Please read the release notes carefully as changes could benefit multiple users in your church!