Our Approach


Our business model for Support is based on defined levels of Support, key SPoCs, and communications via email. 

Email Based

The benefits of having email based Support are:

  • Clearer, fuller and more detailed documentation of the issue at hand
  • More efficiency when triaging or escalating your ticket internally
  • Ability to engage multiple Think Ministry and church personnel for resolution, as needed 
  • Capturing information for expanding valuable resources, like our Knowledge Base

While it may feel like it's faster to have a phone call, writing the email to initiate a Support request (ticket) requires the ticket submitter to think through the situation, gather all the facts, take screen shots where appropriate, and provide the exact steps for reproducing the issue. Plus, you don't have to listen to bad hold music ;)

Single Point of Contact

The SPoCs at each of our churches is someone we know personally. We know they are busy and that they carry a heavy load for their church. Often they wear many hats. We know they are smart people who don’t give up easily. As the "first line of defense", we know SPoCs email us after trying several things, so, we focus on starting where they have left off.

Enterprise Class

We do things that other companies would not do in order to solve the problem quickly:

  • We may create a scenario like yours on our test system to determine if the issue is reproducible.
  • We may call the SPoC if we need clarification and we believe the best way to do that is live. 
  • We may access your MinistryPlatform software if we feel doing so will shed light on the issue or allow us to more quickly resolve the issue.
  • We may access your servers if we feel the problem can best be analyzed by looking at the event viewer, tweaking CSS/HTML, or even running a query.

We are not perfect and we can’t always solve every problem the day it becomes known. Your Service Level Agreement explains how we determine the severity of a problem and what will happen in those rare cases when we cannot immediately resolve the issue.

Partner in Ministry

Thank you for trusting us to support your ministry!  We count it a privilege to be a small part of God’s work through your church.

Other ways we invest in your church by routinely going above and beyond our Service Level Agreement:

  • We'll update our software regularly with not only fixes, but enhancements!
  • We'll update our software on your server for you.
  • We'll provide free new SPoC training and resources if an existing SPoC leaves or changes positions.
  • We'll provide two free view assists each month. 
  • We’ll make minor HTML/CSS tweaks to labels and themes for you.

Basically, we don’t nickel and dime you for stuff that we can do quickly! These “extra” items not covered by your Service Level Agreement are subject to our availability.