Q1: Do you have a Support phone number? What if I need Support outside your normal hours?
Our model for Support is based on communications via email. If your concern cannot wait until Support reopens, you may call the off hours Support voicemail at 612-548-4465 and leave a message. However, this will not initiate a Support request (ticket). Support tickets are only initiated via email as that medium will allow you to include screenshots, error messages, and steps to reproduce the issue. In other words, this voicemail should only be used to escalate an already submitted ticket outside of Support hours.

We will make a best effort to assist you with the resources available at that time. It is important to note that hourly rates are likely to apply if off-hours assistance is provided, defined by your Service Level Agreement*. This voicemail is not monitored during business hours.

*Your church’s Service Level Agreement defines two things. First, whether your church is paying for extended Support hours outside our normal Support hours. Second, it defines the hourly rate for any services not covered by the Service Level Agreement. This information is generally found in Appendix C.

Q2: What if my request is not covered by Support? Can we pay ThinkMinistry extra to build new applications or enhance existing ones?
Many times Think Ministry's Professional Services or our Partners are great resources for requests not covered by Support.

3rd Parties can build custom software using our API. See this KB article for details. Think Ministry does not build custom software or prioritize software development based upon whether a church is willing to fund a specific feature or application.

If you have a desired feature or enhancement you would like to see us add to our software, please ask a SPoC to email suggestions@thinkministry.com. We enjoy hearing about ways you would make MinistryPlatform a little better and will document your suggestion for review with our development team.

Q3: What if I want my request resolved differently? Is there a way to escalate my request or provide feedback?
Our Support team works hard to provide the highest level of customer service possible with the best solutions or workarounds available. If the solution provided is not workable for your needs, please continue to engage with our Support team through the Support ticket.

We are happy to continue to work with you and can escalate your ticket, if needed.

Q4: How do I find the Event Viewer Log to help provide additional details for generic run time errors?
From your web server:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Click System and Maintenance.
  4. Click Administrative Tools.
  5. Double-click Event Viewer.
  6. Here you should see all of the applications on the left and the events in the main area.
  7. Find the appropriate event (look at the time stamp of the event and the time stamp of when the error happened to find the right one).
  8. Click on the event to see event details.
  9. Copy the details part of the event and paste it in your Support ticket reply.

Q5: Can 3rd Parties be part of the MP User Community Forum?

Partners, Integrations, Integrators, Consultants and their respective staff ("3rd Party") are encouraged and invited to become a part of and interact with the MP User Community Forum. In order to maintain the “community” feel of the group, we insist that 3rd party members respect our guidelines on posting frequency and content.

We encourage interactive conversations, joining in on brainstorms, but strongly desire limiting of advertising and solicitation. Our community is best served by all 3rd parties following these guidelines:

  • Limit any solicitation or advertising of any services, webcasts, etc., to no more than once (1) in any 30 day window.
  • No solicitation or advertising in signatures beyond the basic Name/Title/Company.
  • In context and if appropriate, offer to talk offline or outside the group about particular needs or a solution to those needs.

Again, please get involved in active brainstorming and add value when possible to the conversation. That is what makes the MP Community so great! 

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines to strengthen the MP community and the churches that participate in the Forum. Any 3rd party not adhering to these guidelines will be warned once by Think Ministry staff. Any repeated violation will result in removal from the Forum. Future re-admittance will be considered by request after 6 months on a case-by-case basis.