Our front line Support Agents are real people who know “church” and are excited to use their background and expertise in MinistryPlatform to help you get ministry done! One of these agents will be the first to respond to your ticket, and many times will be the one to resolve it also. When needed, they will leverage other resources on our teams.

Andrea McGough

"I worked in a church setting supporting MinistryPlatform for about 6 years before coming to work for Think Ministry full-time. My sweet spot is helping the users of MinistryPlatform to LOVE this software! Whether it is answering simple how-to questions, or finding the reason for those “Why Is It Doing That?” puzzles, I thrive on interacting with users, helping them to have the best possible experience with MinistryPlatform!"

Location: Baltimore, MD

Angie Eames

I was born and raised in Montana where I met my husband. Before we moved to South Florida, I was an assistant manager at a retail store for many years. While I was on the job hunt, I began volunteering with the IT department at our church (I needed to make friends!) Turns out, I have a real knack for it! I was hired shortly after. 

I was on staff with our church in Florida for 4 years before we moved to North Carolina and Think Ministry hired me. I love troubleshooting and solving problems and that every day is different! But most of all, I love that I get to continue working with this awesome software and help further God’s kingdom by providing support to all of your churches!

Location: Charlotte, NC

Heather Haremski

"I am so excited to be part of the incredible Think Ministry team. I implemented MinistryPlatform for my church in 2016 and continue to be amazed by its power, flexibility, performance, and passionate staff behind it. Troubleshooting questions and finding solutions thrills me. Think Ministry is truly focused on people over technology, but has created an invaluable tool for shepherding Christ’s flock. I love MinistryPlatform!"

Location: Midland, MI

Jean Madeira

I love problem solving and love being a part of something bigger than myself and Think Ministry lets me do both of those things! With an engineering degree and database application background, I was the Data Systems Manager at my local church (actually still am!) when we moved to MinistryPlatform in 2016 and think it's one of the best decisions we have ever made. I call Pennsylvania home, am married to my boss, have three grown sons and an adorable sheepadoodle puppy named Reagan! As the newbie Agent on the Support Team, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve both God and His local church though Think Ministry.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA