Technician on Retainer



Goal: Work with our talented team of technicians to fully leverage MinistryPlatform. 

Select this retainer if you have at least one key MinistryPlatform System Administrator (Single Point of Contact or SPoC) and want to extend and automate all the things. Note: Our technicians have a broad range of skills and within the budget of time there are many things they can help your team accomplish. But even if our technician doesn't have a particular skill, they can engage a different technician for assistance. That time will be applied to your retainer at the retainer rate.

  • Communicate directly with your technician via email
  • Include the technician in your project management system ( for example, MS Teams)
  • Work against your sandbox and/or production system
  • MinistryPlatform database extensions (custom tables and fields)
  • MinistryPlatform metadata extensions (pages, sub pages, read-only pages, filtered pages)
  • MinistryPlatform automation (notifications, processes, webhooks)
  • Report authoring (paginated, mobile reports)
  • Database automation (routines, notifications allowed)
  • Research into data and metadata issues prior to sending a support ticket
  • Assisting a development effort applying all of the above
  • Data repair/restore operations (for example, undoing an errant mass assign)
  • Data Imports and Data Re-organization via scripts
  • Custom development (quoted separately)
  • Researching application errors (quoted separately)