SPoC on Retainer

Goal: Assist your church in functioning well with MinistryPlatform if your church lacks a MinistryPlatform System Administrator to perform basic functions like user management.

Select this retainer if you have lost your key MinistryPlatform administrator (Single Point of Contact or SPoC) and need help in the transition. Or, select this retainer if your key MinistryPlatform person would rather delegate basic system administration functions. 

  • Weekly meetings with your MP Sponsor (Key MinistryPlatform Contact)
  • Regular communication with your MP Sponsor and select staff members through the MinistryPlatform Support Desk
  • User, User Group, and Security Role Management
  • Project Management of routine data quality efforts by your users
  • Creation of simple Page Views, Charts, and Notifications
  • Management of Lookup Values and Church Structure Values (Pick lists that support user goals)
  • Assist users with basic setup of events, products, custom forms, opportunities, groups and check-in
  • Update Configuration Settings as needed
  • Create Procedures for staff tasks
  • Project management of professional services (separately quoted)
  • Project management of coaching/training requests (separately quoted)