We love our churches and we love partnering with you to help people engage in ministry and grow as disciples. Retainers further develop the relationship between your church staff and an individual at Think Ministry, Inc.

No matter where you are in your MinistryPlatform journey, a retainer relationship can benefit your church and includes:

  • Regular meetings between your team and our representative
  • A discount (about 10%!!!) for prepayment of services
  • Three-month renewable retainer terms

Your church will probably only have one type of retainer at any given time. But you can change your retainer type and be assigned a different representative as your staff or MinistryPlatform objectives change. We know that one size doesn't fit all, so we have three retainers available:

  • SPoC on RetainerMy church lacks a strong MinistryPlatform Administrator
    • $55/hour*
    • Performs system administration functions and end user support. Will create users, manage user rights, direct data clean-up efforts (hello Data Quality Report Card!) and more.
  • Coach on Retainer: My church has a MinistryPlatform Administrator who is looking to deepen their skills and gain outside insights
    • $75/hour
    • Trains one (or more!) SPoC on nuances of MinistryPlatform and help develop and implement new procedures in MinistryPlatform. Will also assist in deploying applications the church is not yet using and onboarding additional ministries into the Platform to track their department-specific data.
  • Technician on Retainer: My church has a strong MinistryPlatform Administrator and wants to extend and automate all the things
    • $100/hour
    • Assists with data automation, and database object and metadata changes. Will also engage in report authoring tasks.
*Note: As a courtesy, Think Ministry, Inc. will offer a free "SPoC on Retainer" for at least one month to any church who loses their SPoC. We have been, and always shall be, your friend.