Although Professional Services doesn't create new applications as part of Professional Services, our team can play a valuable role in application development.

If your church is commissioning custom software to be developed by a 3rd party using the MinistryPlatform API, below are a few ways Professional Services can help you. For more general information, see Application Development.

Please Note: We will not release church-specific API details directly to an external developer without explicit permission from an existing MinistryPlatform church.

For an hourly rate, we can

  1. Review the plan the 3rd party outlines for the application.
  2. After the plan is reviewed (#1), participate in a conference call with developers to provide input and answer questions about our APIs capabilities in relation to the plan. (Note: This call is not for training, but questions specific to the project. General API details are provided in our API documentation.)
  3. If needed based on the plan and/or phone call, add fields and pages to MinistryPlatform needed by the application.
  4. If needed based on the plan and/or phone call, create stored procedures that return the data needed by the 3rd party application.

Development Related Services

Development Resources


It's exciting for us when you succeed at creating applications unique to your church. Leveraging our team for the above services will increase the likelihood of success. We're here to help!