Your onboarding is as unique as you are!

You will be onboarding from about a week after signing your contract to a full year after you have cutover to MinistryPlatform. And we will work with you through the entire process.

As soon as you sign, you will be assigned a coach who will learn who you are and assist you in learning how to do your jobs in MinistryPlatform.

During the initial stage of onboarding

Your coach will work with you to:

  • Understand your initial cutover goals (what you will need to have ready when you go live)
  • Understand your data and assist you in checking migrated data
  • Coordinate training efforts
  • Assist you in writing up procedures on how to get your various jobs done in MinistryPlatform
  • Establish with you your "Cutover" and "Go Live" dates
  • Walk with you through Cutover and Go Live
During your post-Go Live onboarding phase

Your coach will work with you to:

  • Continue to help you set and accomplish various goals in using the various features of MinistryPlatform
  • Continue to assist you in coordinating training efforts
  • Continue developing procedures with you

From the initial stage to a month or so after your Go Live, you will be meeting weekly with your coach. As you get further from the initial cutover, meeting frequency will decrease to once every other week, and then to once a month as needed. Your coach will continue to be aware of any support (help) tickets you are sending in and can step in, when appropriate, to assist you.

Training in our current Covid world is a bit different

We normally provide a hybrid of both onsite and remote training, with the goal of only training those who are needing to do work in MinistryPlatform at Go Live prior to Go Live (If your job isn't one of the things we are going to be doing at Go Live, you may not be trained until after Go Live).

After Go Live, and when the key players have settled in, we normally provide onsite training for both brand new users and to get those who have been using MinistryPlatform to the next level. Right now, most of our churches have 6-8 one-hour remote sessions with various groups of learners prior to Go Live (not everyone comes to every session). However, since onsite training is difficult due to restrictions on gathering and traveling, we may opt to do most training, even post Go Live, remotely. We can work with you on this individually to find something that will work for you.

Continued education and training

After initial onboarding training, we offer follow-up training at any point in your journey at pre-set onsite and remote training rates. We also have free training available for your SPoCs (those whom your organization has designated as the three MinistryPlatform experts). If you lose a SPoC and need to appoint a new one, we offer them an online training for free along with a 30 minute follow-up phone call with one of our trainers to answer any outstanding questions.

As a company we offer continued education in the form of free webinars on various features and updates as well as a VERY extensive knowledge base with plenty of videos throughout.