Your onboarding is as unique as you are!

You will be onboarding from about a week after signing your contract to a full year after you've cutover to MinistryPlatform. The MinistryPlatform team will work with you, the Onboarding Coordinator, and your Project Team throughout the entire process. As soon as you sign your contract, you'll  be assigned a Coach who will learn who you are and guide you in learning how to do your ministry tasks in MinistryPlatform.

Onboarding consists of the six components set out below. Be sure too check out the Onboarding Timeline and Diocese Onboarding Timeline for all the details of the fun you're about to have!

Set Objectives

Objectives are the goals you and your Coach want to accomplish during Onboarding. You'll set some of your objectives prior to your go-live. But others will be set later. Your objectives timeline is dependent on what (and how much) you were doing in your legacy system. The goal is that all jobs in your legacy system can be completed by your staff in MinistryPlatform at go-live.

Data Migration

A MinistryPlatform resource will migrate your legacy data twice—at the beginning of onboarding and at cutover. Cutover is the final data migration when data from your legacy system is imported to MinistryPlatform for the last time. At this point, you'll stop using your system and begin updating your data in the Platform.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week, you'll meet with your Coach to work towards your objectives, get answers to your questions, and document the procedures you'll use in the Platform.


There is a combination of self-paced courses and remote training with a trainer available. Both provide you and your users the opportunity to get acquainted with navigating and using the Platform to meet your ministry needs.


The Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday following cutover is your Go-Live! A MinistryPlatform Go-Live resource will help you set up and use Check-In, process contributions for the first time, set up household registration, and sacraments (if applicable). 

Post Cutover

You and your Coach will continue to meet on a regular basis (every other week to start and then monthly) for a year to help you settle into using the Platform.

Additional Resources