The PocketPlatform Dashboard will appear in the Customer Support Portal if you're a PocketPlatform customer. Want to become a PocketPlatform customer? Reach out to Support to get the process started!

When you select PocketPlatform from your Customer Portal Menu, you'll have the option of viewing your app dashboard or managing your app. How's that for convenience? 

  • Stats: A super-easy and convenient way to visualize how users are engaging with your church using the app.
    • Users & Devices: A quick representation of the total number of active devices using your app as well as the total number of devices where users are currently logged in. Note: The values from each day will not add up to the counts listed in the summary because any duplicates in the 30-day window are removed. 
    • 30 Day Engagement by Platform: Displays the total number of interactions recorded in the PocketPlatform app during the past 30 days. Hover over the lines to see daily activity.
    • Completed Recompile requests and their status will be shown at the bottom of the recompile list.
  • Tasks: During onboarding (and other times, as needed), tasks the church needs to complete will show in the lefthand section of the Dashboard.
  • App Status: Quickly view the current version of your app and the services that support the app, including whether services is on and a percentage of uptime for the past 30 days.
Manage App
  • Recompile History
    • Completed recompiles appear at the top of the screen with their status and date. Those fun names are autogenerated to make you smile and make it easy too communicate with support about a specific recompile.
    • Recompile requests and their status will be shown at the bottom of the recompile list.
  • Recompile Requests
    • Tap the Request Recompile button and fill out the form. Please provide as much information as possible.
    • Pro tip: Provide all your requests on your request form so we can batch the recompile. You can always add to your request later, but we may have to postpone the added requests until a later recompile.
    • Your recompile requests will be listed in your recompile history.
  • Manage Store Listing: Displays the app Icon, title, and description that is used in the Apple App and Google Play Store. Need to make a change? You can do that! Click the pencil icon to make your edits. After you make your rebrand requests, they'll show in your Recompile History so you can track their progress.
    • Rebrand Recompile: Rebranding Requests require a recompile, so combine this request with any other items requiring a recompile.
    • App Icon: Due to varying icon standards and formats between the app platforms, the easiest way for us to handle icon customization is for you to provide a mockup of what you want the finished product to look like and to include any assets used to create it (vector graphics like SVG or Adobe Illustrator files). We'll let you review the final product before it's published.
    • App Title: The different App Stores have different App title requirements. We'll do our best to accommodate change requests. And if we are unable to fully accommodate a request, we'll consult with you before making the change.