Edition Options


Depending on your MinistryPlatform Edition, we offer optional services to maximize your organization's use of MinistryPlatform. These options will appear on your invoice with the appropriate monthly cost.

MinistryPlatform Editions feature the same software for end users. What makes editions distinct is where the system is hosted and who manages the infrastructure. These features have additional costs because they increase the server resource utilization or management effort. These features are not built into the base maintenance because many customers do not need them.

Contact Support to add one or more features available to your edition or if you wish to discontinue one or more features.

Shared Cloud

Vanity/Personalized URL ($50/Month)

Users of your MinistryPlatform system can access the software from a subdomain of your church's website like "https://my.churchdomain.org" where "churchdomain.org" is the public web address used by your church or organization. This option includes the management of an SSL Certificate you will approve. This option is only available to Shared Cloud as it is a requirement for our other editions.

Partner API Access ($250/month)

Shared Cloud is the MinistryPlatform Edition designed for churches who do not plan to customize MinistryPlatform directly. However, if you have a custom development project you wish to complete with the help of one of our partners, this edition option is required.

Dedicated Cloud & Self Hosted

Sandbox Tier ($75/month)

Request this option if you are engaged in regular user training or customization efforts that would benefit from a separate copy of your MinistryPlatform system. The sandbox is installed and maintained for you by our team.  If you have a single-server instance of Dedicated Cloud, we may need to review your system and ensure it has adequate resources for this additional load. Additional hosting charges may apply if it does not. This option is not available to Shared Cloud.

See Sandbox Tier

Dev Tier ($350/month)

Request this option if you have multiple, complex production applications leveraging MinistryPlatform and you need to test your software before any updates are made to your production instance of MinistryPlatform. This option is not available to Shared Cloud.

See Developer Tier