Edition Change Requests


Your church may desire to understand the costs and benefits associate with changing your MinistryPlatform edition. Churches may change editions for for a variety of reasons.

Self-hosted churches may switch to a cloud edition to:

  • Eliminate IT infrastructure on premises
  • Simplify IT responsibilities over backups, bandwidth, firewalls, and more

Shared cloud churches may switch to a dedicated cloud edition to:

  • Gain direct access to their data through the API for custom development
  • Gain direct access to their data through SQL Server for business analytics tools like Microsoft PowerBI
  • Save money if their number of full-fare, secured users has exceeded 150

Dedicated Cloud churches may switch to Shared Cloud Edition to:

  • Save money if they have a number of secured users under 100 and they are not planning to access their data directly or to engage in custom development directly or with a third party.
Requesting an Edition Change

If you would like a proposal for an edition change, please contact Support. Your proposal will cover one-time costs for the move and show you how your new edition will compare to the existing monthly fees you pay for the current edition.