Bulk Secured User Discounts


The base, per user support rate will be discounted the more secured users a church has.

Monthly Fees

The minimum monthly fee per secured user is applied to all users up to 30 users:

  • $5/month/user for Dedicated Cloud editions
  • $5/month/user for Self Hosted editions
  • $10/month/user for Shared Cloud editions*

*Shared Cloud edition has a higher per user cost because hosting costs are built into that edition and because maintenance is far less expensive each month. It is financially advantageous for a church to remain in Shared Cloud until it has over 100 secured users or until it needs direct access to its data for custom work against our open architecture system or via our API.

Bulk Discounts

The bulk discounts are applied as the church reaches the next increment of 10 users after 30 users.The following table illustrates how these rates are discounted more secured users are granted security roles.