MinistryPlatform Invoice Overview

Your MinistryPlatform bill will be sent via email on the first of the month. It will be due by the 16th of the month. Please notify of any changes in the email address(es) to which invoices should be sent.

Characteristics of a typical invoice:

  • Covers maintenance and support for the upcoming month if you are billed monthly.
  • Covers maintenance and support for the upcoming quarter (3 months) if you are billed quarterly.
  • Covers hosting fees if you have one of our dedicated cloud editions.
  • May include a portion of the balance due for the one-time costs associated with your MinistryPlatform implementation.
  • May include one amortized license payment for each month covered if you are still paying off a license for your edition of MinistryPlatform.
  • May include individual charges for professional services if any have been provided since the last invoice.
  • May include charges for upcoming coaching or professional services retainers.
  • May include information about any changes for the upcoming maintenance and support year if the invoice period covers your annual contract renewal.
  • Includes an option to pay electronically via ACH through the INTUIT payment network.

Additional invoices may be sent at the beginning of each month for:

  • Coaching or Professional Services Retainers due more than 30 days before your normal maintenance invoice.
  • Coaching or Training or Professional Services provided and due more than 30 days before your normal maintenance invoice.
  • Regional or national (e.g. MPUG) event registration fees for events sponsored by Think Ministry, Inc. and attended by your staff.
Payment Options

Churches may elect to pay via:

  • Paper check to the address on the invoice
  • Intuit Payment Network via ACH through the option provided on your electronic invoice
  • Payment Network via ACH
  • ACH payments from your bank. Please send your bank’s direct deposit authorization form for us to complete.

Please note: Think Ministry, Inc. does not accept payment via credit card or via 3rd party payment systems/networks not listed above. Thus, churches may not pay their invoices in these ways.